Well, I shan’t bother with tedious explanations and empty apologies. After all, I am not the only one with a piled-high plate. And at least my “plate” is not burning…

Things tick along pretty much as usual.Which means I spend a fair slice of time watering (sparingly!) the parts of the gardens that are screaming for moisture. Sometimes, I’m rewarded with flowers and fruit. Most times, not!


Carissa fruit. I can’t make jam from one so I’ll leave it for the birds!

And we had a visitor from foreign lands* so we were out and about, taking in a beach or three and seeing the sights. I had a camera.

coal ships, waiting to load
one of the painted water towers

There are water towers and grain silos in various spots around the country which have been painted by local artists. Googling “painted silos”will take you to many more.

We had a brief thunder storm last week.Not much rain, but WOW! The vegetation went va-va-voom! Tomato seedlings apparently swallowed some steroids, shot up , flowered and have now set fruit. And some of the things I’d thought unlikely to survive the heat have also turned the corner, away from the die-and-be-composted list. Small steps…

We organised a chap to collect the heavier garden waste and take it to the Council’s mulching place. This was the heap at the top of our driveway. (There was even more stuff by the time the chap arrived to collect it!) Money well spent.

Overnight, one of the Royal Palms hurled a spent frond from about 30′ high and it missed some orchids by millimetres.(See, I can do bi-lingual measurements!) It’ll need both of us to get the brute out of the jungle.I guess we have to start another heap…sigh

I try to avoid political references. Not easy, when we are run by idiots!

But whatever muddle the world is in I look to natural beauty and humour for solace.

So I’ll get on with my list of “things-to-do” and leave you with something uplifting

Trachelospermum jasminoides

*The “foreign lands” mentioned above included Israel and a visit to Palestine. Accompanied by unsmiling soldiers with Uzis at the ready.

15 thoughts on “IS THAT THE TIME ALREADY!

  1. I see that we will no longer able to boycott Israeli goods in the U.K.,,,as in France. I shall continue to leave labels saying ‘bought with blood’ on products from the occupied zones. But I am in Costa Rica….it gives me about a year before the government succombs to pressure.

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  2. I am constantly amazed by (and love) your photos from tropical climes – despite the fact you’re probably scorching over there at the moment! Orchids, Roystonea palms, Carissa – all beautiful in their own way, and something we’d never get in our gardens here in the UK. Glorious! Jx

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    • Oh, Jon! You’d have screaming ab-dabs at the current temps. As you’re aware, 30degC is the danger point for most plants and we often hit mid thirties. But far worse in NSW. Elephants Child (next comment ) is heading for 40degC and a thunderstorm.If lightning hits that crisp bush….scary days.


  3. I am very glad the orchids survived the sneak Palm attack.
    We have a thunderstorm predicted for late this afternoon. We desperately need the rain, but lightening on the tinder dry surrounds scares me more than a little. It is bad enough being shrouded in the smoke from far away fires without the prospect of some much closer to home.
    As always, I love your garden.


    • Kim! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering which side of the Atlantic you are???
      Wherever, I hope you have a lovely time. Will have some bubbles for you.Might even have some sushi! 🙂


  4. I love a bilingual measurement! I choose depending on how big or small I want something to be, this also works for hot and cold – which measurement best describes.
    Anyhow, is I could send you a long hose pipe then I would. Bit soggy here.

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  5. Hooray! An excursion with a camera!! I love your rocky coastline – so different to around here (it reminds me a bit of the coast near Ms Scarlet’s neck of the woods).

    I’m glad your very vivid Phalaenopis didn’t get squashed as it’s stunning!

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  6. Oh we have some Big Rocks in these parts! That place where I took the pictures of the coal ships and the wee beach at the foot of the cliff is a lookout, with a viewer, mounted securely, so people can look at whales as they swim by, to and from their breeding grounds.I think sometimes people do spot a humpback, but i suspect a lot of people just see waves!

    And that particular orchid had been moved so that the weed man didn’t clobber it.It was a vanilla orchid that only just escaped death by crushing.


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