…or maybe I’m slack. Perhaps I’m just lazy.Or just looking back.

There was a very brief shower at 2am and silly me! I put the mockers on, well and truly, by getting out of bed to close the windows behind the hi-fi. So now I have to go and play with a hose.

I believe the lovely Ms Scarlet has some chocolate nibbles over at her place

I’ll leave you with this reprise (hey! if the bloody ABC can foist endless repeats on its viewers and listeners, I can get away with it,too.)

Happy Christmas to all!

Soursop fruit with new bud.

Laziness gnawed at my conscience, so, to make amends, here is a picture of a soursop Annona muricata, with a new bud opening. There are also 2 or 3 more buds on the tree so we are hopeful of more fruits.

20 thoughts on “MAYBE I’M CRAZY…

  1. Your “blast-from-the-past” blog from 2006 is hilarious. It should be read aloud in a Penelope Keith voice. As Margo Ledbetter, of course!


    PS Yes – what exactly are “colly birds”?

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  2. Thank you, Jon. It was a bit of a spoof i wrote years ago for a Christmas do.

    And I think colly birds are blackbirds.Coal-black? One of those old things that differs across counties and dialects.


  3. I liked that…just having seen one of those animated cards of the twelve days of Christmas for which you had to know the song to get the idea.
    Unfortunately contact with the LSE rugby club in my youth means that the song immediately conjures up six convicted vicars and my Lord Montague of Beaulieu.

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  4. Ah, yes…the one I recall didn’t have 6 convicted vicars, but I imagine the lyrics varied from club to club!
    Oh, gawd! Now I’ll have Rugby ear-worms for the rest of the day!
    Happy Christmas to you and Leo and the dawgs. I do hope Leo can partake of some “seasonal refreshment.”

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    • Thank you, Mitzi. We’re all-of-muddle here. And the monsoon arrived last night with enough rain to put out all the forest fires. Too bad it’s thousands of kms away from the fires. Also too bad that it washed a truckload of builders’ sand down the neighbour’s drain and overflowed into out place.
      By th’eck I were over fence in a flash wi’ me shovel.And some “magic” words.
      Happy New Year.Keep that sherry locked away!


  5. Thank you, Diane. I’m about 2,50kms north of fires. And this morning we have light rain.
    It’s horrendous for folk along the south coast.Yes, I have friends there;as far as I know, all safe, but facing another harsh fire front in coming days.And some have lost almost everything.
    It will be a long recovery for many in this country…


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