Well, admittedly, I’m very much safer than Samuel P. was in London, in 1666, when fire tore across that city.
When the fire storms raced across Australia’s southern parts I was some 2,000 kms from the closest threats.
But we have friends who live in southern NSW, Canberra, Victoria and the Blue Mountains. And I have to say, for the first time ever, that my best link for news was via a Facebook friend. Yes, of course all the TV stations had film crews out there…with super-long lenses and fast getaway transport. And probably a couple of sarnies and a bottle of water!
But I got accurate and up to date information from a book-making buddy, 

And when I say “accurate” I mean filming with a phone camera and wearing a P2  P2 Respirator Mask With Valve (box Of 12)


In other news, I have shingles! But I now have some lovely drugs that take the edge off the pain.Yes, pain. Specifically, nerve pain, especially in upper midriff, lower abdomen and legs.
The lovely drugs also make me feel as if I’ve partied too hard and too long (I wish!) and need to sleep it off.

So I’ll leave you with this little gem, which surfaced when we had a MASSIVE, MONSTER, FAMILY SIZE de-cluttering. Still a lot to do, but we’ll put that on hold as last night’s rain has washed some more sand down to block the storm drain and overflow onto our place… have I mentioned that I hate developers who manage to get Council approval and then blatantly ignore regulations? 

Here is the gem. Who else think this toad looks rather like one of Tove Jansson’s Moomin

With luck and the lovely drugs…I may be back to speed soon.


  1. Holy Moley! My husband aka MITM is in the “recovery” period of shingles! He called our Doctor immediately when he first experienced the pain and found the redness/welts! Like you, he was on SERIOUS drugs that helped relieve the pain within a day. I wish you well, dear lady! xoxo


  2. Shingles is a swine. I hope that you get through it soon.
    Leo has a stock of pills in case a bout atarts up – with all his immunity problems he is very open to it – so that he can get almost immediate relief.
    Yes, the toad is very Moominlike…

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  3. All I read of shingles, the more thankful I am I had “the shot” a couple of years ago. I hope you come flying out the end of the shingle shoot sooner than later.

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  4. The Shigle Shoot! hahaYes, I wasn’t aware there was a shot available, but a friend across town said she had one a couple of years ago. And the lovely drugs have dealt with the pain so now I’m just slightly drunk, but pain-free.I’ll take that!
    By the way, I just heard from our mutual friend, Elephant’s Child, that it was you who put her on to ‘The Salt Path,’So i must thank you for that as Sue shared it with me. What a wonderful story! Definitely a re-read some day.


    • I cannot explain how deeply the book moved me, completely unlike my usual “cold blooded” analysis of an author and the material. I was ridiculously overcome, like standing on a street corner, shouting “Read this book! You must read this book! Take this copy!”
      Fortunately I eased out of the blatant phase by the second day of shouting.

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      • I was horrified first the first pat of it.Absolutely horrified and helplessly tearful! But I persisted and, like the protagonists, began to find my feet, as it were.And the gentle, native humour kept the story afloat.
        Of course, I’m still disgusted that the uncaring politics of the country caused and is still driving this sort of social collapse.
        Ooh! We’re getting into political water. On this blog ?? I’d better call my usual gang of larikins to lighten things,
        . Perhaps Scarlet could unleash a trampoline on Downing Street?
        But, yes, Joanne, it IS a good book.Not least for the positive effect on a man whose doctor seemed to have handed him a death sentence.


  5. I read the above two comments with a slack jaw, I thought you and Joanne were talking about The Moomins, that’ll teach me to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

    Sorry to hear about your illness I hope it isn’t causing you too much distress, the pills sound marvellous.

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    • Thank you, Mitzi, I am getting better all the time…then I take another round of pills and become the village drunk, staggering about. Lovely, isn’t it 🙂
      Oh!I’m sure Papa Moomin could fix things if the Moomins all got ill!


  6. I do like that bumper sticker (the toad does look a bit Moomin-like). If Car wasn’t such a snob, I’d get one!

    I hope your shingles don’t hang around for much longer. In fact, if those developers come to clear up that sand, perhaps they can be persuaded to take your shingles too then mix it all up with a bit of cement to make concrete for their next project?

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    • I was not allowed to put it on Sherman because The Man deemed it childish and, as he drove the car to judicial meetings…
      I’ve got another good bumper sticker which he also “banned.” Where the hell did my independence go! Oh! I remember…at the time, I was going to several schools and had to toe the Department Line.
      I still have sand! But I fear the Grand Duke of Tuscany has been buried for good…


  7. Well, damn! Shingles?!? That’s no fun! Had it about 10 years ago, and it was sodding miserable! Glad the drugs are doing their thing, and that you’re on the road to recovery. In general, it isn’t likely to have a recurrence, so hoping when you are done, you are done! Onward!

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  8. Well, that’s a great comfort! Thank you.
    Yes, I’m getting there. I’ve found that I can do a few things in the morning, before my spring starts to unwind, then have a snooze and coast downhill til dinner time. I’m ok.But I think I may need to comb the Yellow Pages (jeeze! remember them!!) for a cock-make to fix me a new mainspring!
    BTW, have you seen Marny’s Fbook post? And our mutual NY friend has blogged! Must be nostalgia week!
    onward and uoward!


  9. Sorry about the shingles! You’ve revived very unpleasant memories of the bout I had many years ago. Last year I had the shingles shot which my GP assures me will prevent me from getting it again. I think it’s free if you’re over 70 but expensive up until then. Get well soon.

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  10. I don’t know how I missed this – I’m so sorry, darling. Hope you’re over the worst now – and do keep away from public places. Your immune system is going to be buggered for a while.


    • I think the gremlins were agin’ us both…I missed yours, too. Yes, I am improving, but nights are rough. I guess I’ll miss the Blog Party.I’ll be there in spirit!


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