Just trying to iron out some wrinkles.

So far, so good…

I’ll see if I can upload photos…just go and make a cup of tea.

F’gawdsake don’t hold your breath I don’t want anyone’s demise on my hands!

Stanley inspecting his new crate. 

28 thoughts on “EXPERIMENTING…

    • Thank you, Savvy. WordPress has been doing its own *%***ing tinkering so I needed to”get a handle” on the changes. Remember those scientists who transplanted an ear onto a mouse? Yeah…


    • Oh, Stanley shows very little fear.Unless it’s floor mop. This mop lives in the laundry, moppy part on floor,handle up in the working position, leaning against a solid bench.I wonder if he knocked over one day and was clobbered by the Evil Monster. ..


  1. Stanley is present and correct – but the photo in the notification email is miles bigger than how it appears above, which is strange.

    Why is it that sites like this and Blogger spend so much time “making improvements” that are anything but?


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  2. Oh, Jon! If we mere mortals knew that, we could probably rustle-up the Covid vaccine in a trice! I’m sorry you’re getting engorged pictures in the notification.; remember when that GIANT PINK THING scared the pants off IDV and Scarlet!

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    • I’ve no idea what’s going on .I was having all sorts of difficulty with the previous post and could not find any sensible instruction, so thought I’d just muddle along on this one.The idea was to “publish” make sure it did, then delete it. But I was called away and when I came back Savvy had found her way in through the maze so I left it….

      But now, for some reason, it seems to think Zoe is trying to land without a visa so I have to tell the guards to let her in! Again!


    • Ah…Z wins the prize for noticing the size of the crate, Yes, it IS big.And comes with a litter tray. We have two such monsters because I think trying expect Stanley and Sporran to behave themselves in the same crate is an expectation too far!
      Before this virus got out of hand, we were making plans to move back to NZ. Then Jacinda closed her border. Then Scotty-from-marketing closed this border. And Sir Richard’s outfit went tits-up. And you know the rest….

      Also, for some reason, WordPress puts you in the moderation camp, Zoe, but I have said you’ve been tested and are negative so all should now be well. (No bets taken!)


  3. I’m back with a new working computer and a WordPress Account, finally, and what do I see? Cat butt. The post I was trying to comment on had huge tithonia flowers and a giant arachnid, which was awesome. I’ll make allowances this time, because face it, that is one trusting cat, and worth seeing. Hearts and flowers, lady!


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