The starter was not developing as it should so last night I fed it again. 12 hours later, when I stumbled out in the near-dawn…my gooey mix had doubled! Yay!

So I brewed some coffee (nothing gets done Chez Dinah before coffee. (Ask the cats!) After a quick trawl through emails and the more reliable news pages, I felt sufficiently revived to mix another feed for my starter dough. And here it is, doing what it is meant to do.

We had a brief-but-useful shower the other night and yesterday I noticed lots of buds on the pigeon (I think dove sounds nicer) orchid. And today…a mass of dainty white flowers. A bit too breezy for good photos, but I have this…A delicate little thing, but tough enough to survive in harsh conditions. It’s so grateful for rain.

I have more than enough on my docket, so don’t expect daily updates on the state of the sourdough! But if you’d like to know how they baked their bread in Egypt back in the days of Pharoahs,I have a good link in the previous post. Oh hang on…here it is again! I don’t think I’d be that dedicated in sourcing ancient recipes. Munching weeds and pretending to be an Iron Age wife pretty much cured me of such notions! But it’s interesting…from the comfort of my upholstered armchair, glass of bubbles at hand. 🙂

23 thoughts on “THE (AD) VENTURE CONTINUES…

    • It’s rampant! Rampant, I say! I’m hoping to advance to the next stage tomorrow…I don’t want to leave a bowl of proving dough overnight…for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who has “animals.”

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  1. That’s a pretty orchid!
    I’m not sure I could cope with sour dough – I would get too attached to the monster during the process and wouldn’t be able to eat it. I would name it and everything and the gooey mix would simply become another family pet that needed daily attention.

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  2. Oh, The Troggs ! … what was the name of that cellar joint – Cavern ?

    BTW I remember that some Scotts once re-cooked whab they had found in the stomach of a Moorleiche, one of those people found in the moors when they cut “Torf”. It contained a lot of greenery and stuff, and one of the scientists said that it was not much different from his morning muesli – it is not called muesli what the inhabitants of those strange northern islands eat, but I forgot the name and am really tired now. I personally would be much more interested in re-creating ancient wine from the remnants in some amphorae, but who asks me ?

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    • Yes, a lot of folk are “going back to basics” during lockdowns.I used to bake regularly before we moved here. This wild yeast thing is not particularly difficult, but does take time.


  3. I adore sourdough bread, I would often pop into Waitrose for one of their San Francisco sourdough uncut bloomer £2.50 a loaf (bleeding rob-dogs!), using the serve yourself till, I’d put it through as a bread roll and get it for 55p but now for hygiene reasons they are all individually wrapped with a barcode, thus putting an end to my special offers.

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    • I’ve heard of many people cheating those selfie tills. Yes, it’s a bit dishonest, but nowhere near as dishonest is putting staff out of work! If they say to me “there’s a self check-out free” (with a beaming smile) I say do I get staff discount? And I’m dead serious. Luddites!

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