I do wish WordPress would stop fiddling! Nothing seems to be where it was. OK, it’s been a day or several since I was here, but I don’t know where things are!

I did have a few paragraphs written and intended to come back and add some photos…and everything’s gone.I got an error message about invalid content or somesuch.

Let’s try adding a photo. Just one, in case the gremlins gobble another page!

Well, that worked! Yes, it’s a tomato. Actually, several tomatoes. And worth photographing as it’s the first ripe tomato since Adam was in short trousers, thanks to possums and grasshoppers. grrrr! I’m hopeful of several more, now that we seem to have reached our wet season.

It feels good to be able to do an hour or so of weeding and pruning after nearly a year of enforced laziness. I reduced the runaway Antigonon to a huge heap of withering leaf-and-stem. Got to it before it reached the roof!

And this, you may recall, is the sweet little “Pigeon ” orchid. When the rain started I counted some 10 or so buds and after a day and a night of soaking rain…

I also found a “stray” Zephyranthes in what we laughingly call “lawn.”

Oh! FFS! I do not have the time to stop-and-start this nonsense! Sorry, folks. I have dinner to attend to. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find time to sort out this god-awful system.

For now, this is where I take what’s left of my sanity. The Zephyranthes is the pink thing!


  1. I also got that error message regarding my fabulous footage of snow in Devon, but I ignored it and powered through and the video published okay. Seriously peculiar. Stupid WordPress. They want you to pay through the nose to revert to classic editor – cheeky buggers.
    Meanwhile I’m happy to read that you are back in the garden!


    • Oh, it’s so annoying! And, yes, damn’ cheeky.If I have to pay just to scribble my nonsense I’ll quit.
      A video of snow I must find some tennis racquets and pop across.Oh, wait! I gave my racquet to the op. shop…Is the snow too deep for-that-footwear-our-mutual-friend-doesn’t-approve?


    • Gods! I hope not! True, it does need rain to produce flowers, but doesn’t seem to need swamp conditions.
      I might have another crack at a post tomorrow…
      These web-manager chaps may have shot themselves in the foot…if many of us de-camp they’ll be up that creek with no means of locomotion! And serve the buggers right!


  2. WP is infuriating…I want to shove in a photograph…so I have to go to their Block….only to find that I have to open yet another thingy to find the photograph icon…
    After that experience are they surprised i don’t want any of the ‘packages’ with which they clutter up my e mail page?

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    • Yes! No! It is very annoying and others have similar dark malarkey going on.Some sites are now emailing me EVERYTIME anyone comments. It is possible I clicked some hidden blithering instruction when I left a comment, but the chaps running WordPress seem to have contracted some of BoJo’s idiot mates to run the show!


      • I always get emailed when anyone starts a new blog post on WP and when anyone comments on said blog post, because I am subscribed to those blogs (yours, Ms Scarlet’s and Mr Peenee’s). I think that’s a useful function, personally, as I am not on WP so wouldn’t know anything new had occurred if I didn’t. Jx

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  3. WordPress is obviously in cahoots with Blogger. Its relatively recent ‘improvements’ still force me to say bad words on a regular basis.
    Loving your garden – and your matoes are further along than ours. We have quite a few, but they are determined to stay green.
    A huge hooray for being able to get into the garden again.

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  4. Jon…I cannot reply directly below your comment! Yes, perhaps the notification of comments and replies to comments is helpful for non-WP folk.I try to remember where and what I have commented, but I find myself easily confused sometimes
    Oh, and while I have you…your “contact” button goes to Youtube, not email. Just thought you might not be aware.


    • I noticed that WP has changed the way reply threads work – you now cannot reply yo a reply, but if you reply to the original comment, the thread does go in descending order.

      Checked my Blogger profile, and found for some reason my email was blanked-out… Restored that now.


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      • Thank you, Jon.
        The reply/comment thing causes no end of hilarity over at Scarlet’s sometimes if several people reply at the same time and we all get in a befuddled muddle.Perhaps a gincuzzi is not such a good idea, after all.Best stick to chocolate, eh!


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