Years ago, whenever I spent holidays at the beach, we’d go floundering. That is, we’d attempt to catch flounders, also called sole, dabs, plaice by means of a spear.

Not the easiest thing and sometimes feet got in the way…

Another meaning of floundering is to stumble about. Collins Dictionary says “if something is floundering, it may soon fail completely…” A good analysis of me and this blog.

Let’s try adding a photo… Stanley, helping The Gardener.

Alamanda flower. It grows up the verandah support post and flings itself about, sometimes managing to sneak under the blind and tickle my ear when we eat outdoors. Can’t say I mind!

And, just to add a little spice to my day, a thumping downpour. Just as well I’m not in a Zoom meeting!

The folks ‘way up North have had a cyclone so I guess the remnants have come down the coast to us. Nothing damaging and the rain is wonderful. By the time I have to head to the purveyor of plonk it may be gone…

Yes, I have been fiddling with photo sizes. This is an Indian Hawthorn, Raphiolepis indica. An obliging shrub/small tree. Years ago, a neighbour came home with one of these in a pot. Dead chuffed, he was, at his bargain. “It was $4.00 and it’s over a metre tall. A dollar a foot!” He was so excited, he reverted to the old money! And I have to agree with his yardstick. The flower has little discernible scent, but bees love it. Is generous with seed and grows readily from cuttings.What’s not to like?

That heavy rain has woken the rest of the household and neighbours so I’ll be off to the kitchen.

I’m still not sure I can be bothered to flounder around on this site and may de-camp to the opposition again. Oh! I forgot to tell you why I chose the Blogger site’s title…well, our Prime Minister is among the many who offer prayers and thoughts to people who are usually in much greater need of immediate practical aid when these prayers and thoughts are being dished out. I angrily said it does as much good as bears in shorts.

A silly blog name. But that’s how I arrived at it.

14 thoughts on “FLOUNDERING

  1. Can we have a big picture of Stanley, please?
    Nothing worse than a thumping downpour to disrupt Zoom communications, ahem.

    P.S I am also having a flounder. I meant to post at the weekend, but then the weekend expired in a puff of smoke so fast, and my opportunity vanished. Maybe I will try tomorrow.

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  2. I think you may have mastered the “let’s add pictures that are visible” trick! Yay!

    That “hawthornesque” shrub is rather special, isn’t it? Shame it’s not scented – it just looks as if it should be. Jx

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    • hmm…I think “mastered” may be overstating it, but at least I’ve managed to deal with one or two glitsches. Glitsch sounds like cwtch, but is nothing whatsoever to do with the tangles i get into here!

      The “hawthorne” is surrounded by, almost swamped by Murraya paniculata, a mock orange.So I don’t mind that it is not heavily scented!


  3. When I was very young, occasionally a small flounder/dab would get caught when I went out with my shrimping net. Never anything worth taking home, though. But that’s not what you mean, is it.
    Anyway, it looks like you’re having some success with mastering the “new and improved” WordPress if that big photo is anything to go by. And I agree with Jon that those flowers look like they should smell heavenly, but at least your mock orange is up to that task.

    P.S. I rather like your Blogger blog name. Although, for me, it conjures up a different image than you may think..

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    • Oh! What with the mock-orange, the night-scented jasmine, the ylangylang and the iboza we are a pretty smelly yard. (Just as well as neighbours have rather a lot of “dog fertiliser.” )


  4. One of the villages near here, Palnackie, has a flounder tramping festival every year. Everyone rolls up their trousers, wades into the river Urr, and tries to catch flounders with their bare hands. It’s mucho fun, I used to take my son when he was small but only to watch, the water’s freezing, even in July!

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