once more, unto the breach…

(I said that in my best Olivier voice; a shame you can’t hear it.)

I got up this morning, fed the furry ones, brewed some coffee and came in here for a quiet perusal of emails and blogs.

Oh.My.Ears.And.Whiskers. There was an email from Scarlet, advising me that WordPress has done some more tinkering and that the cunning little work-around devised for the earlier tinkering no longer de-tinkered. Well, bugger! I thought. I’d better at least let the world know that I am still here, even if my ship is about to go down…

Thus far, things seem to be OK .But we all know how easily I can get in a muddle!

Shall we see if I can still transport photos from the Land Beyond? Right. Seat belts on? Here we go…

Oo-er. Missus It’s bigger’n I thought. The lovely Carissa which has such a sweet scent and tasty fruits. And vicious spines.

But hey! It’s a picture. On my blog. And you don’t need Sherlock’s big magnifier!

We had more rain this week. And fabulous lightning one night. No thunder here, but it must have been a cracking storm somewhere. Out to sea, I expect. So most of this week has been given over to more weeding!

Another picture of another frog.

The big news on the local scene is that some Covid restrictions have been eased. As of… glances at clock...a couple of hours ago, facemasks are no longer mandatory whenever we leave our houses. And people can dance at “venues” and weddings and have up to 100 people in their houses. Bloody hell! Who lives in a house big enough to cram 100 in?

Now to see if I can publish this post. I know it’s even briefer than usual, but things are rather hectic here and I have some important filing to do. sigh…grubbing around in the garden does wreak havoc on nails!

30 thoughts on “once more, unto the breach…

    • It is a lovely thing, but the spines are nasty.I suppose, being of African origin, it needed defences against animals!
      We had 60+ at my half-century and they spilled out of the house onto the deck. 100 in here would be like a mosh pit!

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  1. Golly! 100 people in this house would be akin the “The Black Hole of Calcutta”.

    Nice to see the beastly-thorned perfumed beauty and the frog. Not so nice to hear that WP is tinkering again… Over here in Blogger-land, Google’s just announced it is intending to “improve” (aka “destroy”) its “Feedburner” software, which enables subscribers to follow blogs via an email alert, in July – so now I have to try and find an alternative add-on so anyone who has already opted-in to the service doesn’t suddenly stop getting alerted whenever I post my ramblings…

    I’m beginning to think that companies that own blogging portals actually hate bloggers. Hey ho. We’re still here. Sod ’em. Jx

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    • Yes, I got that same email, but I no longer have a blogger blog (well, I do, but don’t use them!). It’s going to make things awkward for those who do follow such blogs.I think I’ll just make my own list and look every morning to see if anyone’s posting.
      Just another thing to tack on the to-do list…are we having fun yet? 🙂


      • The “sidebar of rolling bloggers” – which sounds like an esoteric late ’60s pulp novel, btw – is (I think) linked to the Blogger Reading List, in other words integrated into Blogger itself. Feedburner is an add-on I linked to my blog(s) ages ago that allows people to opt into being notified by email whenever I publish new posts. I know I have several readers who use it, as often they respond direct via email rather than posting a comment on the blog itself. Now the email notification function is being removed. Google did much and the same with YouTube last year, which was annoying, as I “subscribe” to numerous sites over there and now have to remember to actually visit YT to see what’s new.

        “Improvements” – don’t you just love them? Sigh. Jx

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      • I don’t know, Scarlet. I currently have the New Old Reader (!), but it’s clunky. And so slow that, even being ahead of GMT, I’m late to the party by the time the invitation’s arrived.
        “A’ the world’s gone tapsalteerie…”

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  2. I love these pictures, especially of the little froggo! I really like our native Hawthorne trees her, they do get some nice blossoms and smell nice, but being part of the rosa family, they also have wicked thorns.

    A 100 of anything other than books in my house sounds like a nightmare!

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    • I expect a mass protest from the Blogger platform folk.Although, if they’ve already geared-up to make the change in July even mass protest may not stop it…
      I shall bumble along, I suppose.


  3. I wish I had the energy to find out how the WP Block Editor thingy worked – I just don’t at the moment! And last time I tried it felt very fiddly. Maybe I will give it a go later in the year.
    Love the pictures, Dinah – very cute froggy!
    As for lockdowns easing – you be careful out there!

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  4. Did the frog come down with the rain (a rain of frogs, or frog singular, maybe), or was it already there?

    I can almost smell the Carissa. Well, I have no idea what it smells like, but I’m imagining something like a cross between Philadelphus and Jasmine. It looks very beautiful with those starry, pure white flowers against such glossy green leaves.

    While I’m imagining things, your Olivier is spot on!

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    • Um…that frog is an old photo, but good rain, especially in summer, sets a chorus of frogs going.This one hopped up the stairs and was cooling off in that water dish(left out for the cats). But, usually, there’s enough moisture on leaves for them, though I daresay they’d be vulnerable to hungry predators out there!
      The carissa smells very fruity, like Philadelphus! Long ago, I grew Philadelphus and gardenia and found the gardenia came a poor second.
      I also like your imagination. :-)Thank you!


  5. Oh gawd! I’ve just had a terrible thought!(Imagine Graham Norton saying, palm to cheek:” wouldn’t it be AWWWWWful if…”
    Well, what if I started all this when I re-blogged something that caused the Big Pink Thing at Mr. Inexplicable’s place…
    Runs away, giggling manically …

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  6. That’s a gorgeous plant, another one I’ve never heard of! I almost feel I need to create a Dina plant file. Good frog shot, too.

    Wow, you’re way ahead of us on the Covid front, we still can’t have anyone in our homes in Scotland, but we can meet in groups of up to six people, from two households, outside, from today, and travel outwith our council areas. We’re hoping for a visit from the grandchildren soon.

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    • Hah! On the 5 o’clock news today I heard that FIVE MORE hotel quarantine returned travellers have tested positive. They did not say from where they returned. So, we may have a return to bandit fashion…
      I’m told that carissa fruit makes a lovely jam, but most of “my” fruits are gobbled by possums and birds and making jam with one cherry-sized fruit is not going to happen!

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  7. We have heard the froggies here from the creek, but have yet to spot any! I remain hopeful!

    With the rarity of my blogging, i’m sure i’ll be surprised at the changes some time in the next 2-3 years! i keep poking away at it, though. Intentions, hell pavers, etc….

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  8. Love that little frog! We have quite a few tiny ones here. I’m off today for 5 days in the Barossa Valley. Lots of restaurants and cellar doors so I’ll think of you and the Man while I’m sipping a nice red. It’s much cooler in South Australia than NSW so I’ve struggled to pack sensible clothes. But I am looking forward to great food and wines.

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