sunshine after the showers.

Not a lot to say, but I do have some photos…

The Clerodendron flowers are open for (bee) business!

C. nutans. I just missed the bee!

She appears to have tail lights! Madame Winceyette, as I call her, cos she is so velvety. I was explaining something to The Man and had my back to her. Fortunately, he put a hand on my shoulder and said:”Turn around, carefully…” And she was right there, at shoulder level, wrapping her breakfast. Sadly, I think it was one of my little native bees. But, hey! We all gotta eat.

Still not sure which she is, but seems to be Eriophora sp. I’ll stick with Mme Winceyette.

And a late flush of flowers on Canangra odorata, the Ylang Ylang tree.

Yesterday’s Hibiscus mutabilis flower was white, now bright pink.And camera-worthy in the bright sun, I thought.

Well, I seem to have overcome some of the image-posting problems. May the blogger gods stay with me!

22 thoughts on “sunshine after the showers.

  1. Lovely photos – that Hibiscus must be a stunner in full display!

    Well spotted, btw, one wouldn’t want Mme Winceyette making a meal out of your prized Carpentaria domesticus… Jx

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    • That H. mutabilis IS glorious when in full display. Early morning, in bright light it is truly wonderful. By afternoon it begins to blush, eventually turning the pink (as above). And then…becomes soggy mush. But new blooms eclipse that so who cares!
      I think my C. domesticus is quite safe. From her at least…


  2. Does the Ylang Ylang smell gorgeous?
    I don’t think I’d like the spider on my shoulder.
    Meanwhile, I have been away from my laptop and sorting out my cupboards and drawers; I found something that you will like – I will post about it soon.

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    • Ooh !Cleaning cupboards and drawers…sounds like a Frankie Howard line! I look forward to the post.(Claps hands like an excited little girl.)

      Yes, ylang ylang does smell lovely.Fresh and fruity. Ooh-er.Missus!

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  3. Lovely photos and …Madame Winceyette. I had to google that. We are germinating some tomatoes and a few flowers on our window sill…”we” which includes Andy! He’s starting to garden…a little. Soon our little windowsill plants will be planted properly in the vegetable trough and the flower bed, respectively.

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  4. I love your hibiscus, it looks stunning. I took a hardwood cutting off one earlier in the year, it’s coming along nicely but I don’t know what colour it’s going to be, when you furtively take cuttings from a busy garden centre you don’t stop to read the labels, but looking at yours I’ve noticed that the leaves are different, mine are smaller and more serrated.

    There is a deli I sometimes frequent that sells hibiscus flowers in syrup, they slowly unfurl when submerged in champagne!

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    • Your cutting is probably one of the garden variety.These things are now looking dreadfully “ratty” as I never got around to cutting them back last year.And they look as if they’ve a dose of something nasty, but while they produce such gorgeous flowers I suffer their drawbacks. I’ll just cut a few healthy stems and start over. And the common red-flowered ones on the back fence line have gone bonkers after the rain and NEED to be chopped.
      Now flowers in champers sounds lovely!


    • No, I don’t think anyone makes tea with this .
      And the spider is NO THREAT to humans.Despite what you might hear or read, most things here are less a threat than guns or wreckless driving.
      At present, the only sweet scent in the garden is the YlangYlang’s late-season flush.

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  5. I do love Miss Wincyette. At the moment I have the biggest huntsman spider in my bedroom. She scoots around then dives behind my pictures. I don’t think, after nearly 79 years of watching huntsmans that I’ve ever seen such a big one. I’m hoping my grand daughter never sees her – there’ll be a lot of drama if she does.

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  6. They are pretty impressive, aren’t they? And when you hear them run across paper…
    The Man has just swept the deck beneath the web. The dessicated remains of a grasshopper. I said a devout thank you to the Wincey One 🙂


  7. You are always impressive with your knowledge of plants (and spiders). You gave me quite the chuckle about the taillights on her rear! And, to me, your plants are always so wonderfully exotic.

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