Just popping in to let you know I am still here. Still unpacking stuff and trying to find stuff already unpacked. No need to waste money on a gym membership…I go up and down and round and round umpteen times a day just looking for things. Important things, like bathrooms and coffee and wine. (Mind you, I can usually locate the last two without much trouble!)

Some of you want to know about the “new” house. And the garden.

Let’s start with the garden cos that’ll be easy. There’s sod-all garden! some horrible, lumpy, weedy grass, more palms , a few hibiscus, a begonia and something I have yet to identify. It was ABSOLUTELY covered in scale and sooty mould. Leaf is similar to Gardenia, but not as “leathery.” No flowers so I’m in the dark on this. But I water-blasted most of the scale from the stems, scraped most of the leaves and sprayed with white oil (neem oil is one the items yet to be located!) so we’ll see…

Oh, there are some bromeliads and succulents (including a sharp one, slated for removal as it’s a danger to the eyes.)

A passion fruit vine was threatening the swimming pool so that was tidied and trimmed.Some sort of onions;probably spring onions gone a bit mad. One tomato plant with one tiny tomato. And two HUGE eucalypts in the front yard. One is E torelliana. which I know can be a brute, but it’s home to countless critters. The other Eucalypt is too tall for me to be sure what it is!

Let’s see if I can remember how to get photos up here…this is the view from about half way up the back yard.The pool fence is on the left (and you can see the passion fruit vine on the timber fence.) E. torrelliana is the big, rather “bushy” tree beyond the satellite dish. And beyond that is the tall, skinny eucalypt

And here’s Sporran, a bit pissed off that she has to be harnessed, but she’d be over the fence where some very snarly bull dogs live. Is she watching the dogs? Nah! She’s fascinated by the Kreepy Krawly pool scrubber!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20210812_080918.jpg

I will have more photos to show you, but I thought I’d just jump the gun and be ahead of the game for the next Book On A Chair. See? Dinah got the smarts!

And now Dinah says it’s Happy Hour!

22 thoughts on “I’M BACK…

  1. Books!! On a chair!! Yes, I need to update my book pile too.
    I hope you have many happy hours in your new home – and looking forward to hearing more about the pool and all things relating to Dinah.

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  2. That is the angriest cat I have seen in ages! Once he figures out how to get out of the harness, he’ll be taking all that frustration out on those poor bulldogs, mark my words…

    I do sympathise with the – erm – joys of house-moving; especially the eternal hunt through boxes, and then the conundrum of where to put things/store things once they’re located. You’ll get there in the end.

    Clink, clink, dear!


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    • I do hope so, Jon. When I was wondering where to put my plants, pro tem, I thought of you and kept telling myself “If J and J can do it, I can do it!”
      I’m wondering if any of the neighbours have video evidence of The Man wheeling things like the lawn mower down the street in the wheelbarrow! And you should have seen us when we moved the ginormous Swamp Orchid and the Black Bat and a potted lemon. I had accompany the barrow, riding shotgun, as it were…


      • The move to our current abode was a military exercise-and-a-half! Basically, I dug up an entire garden over the space of a week or so, in snowy and freezing January, and plonked everything worth saving into pots (or bags, where we were giving plants away) ready to move, kit and kaboodle, to here. We and our gang spent a whole day moving the innards of the flat (which had also taken weeks to package up – hundreds of books, pictures, CDs and everything else) from a to b, and an entire second day to move the plants… Jx

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  3. We have quite a few eucalypts where we live, but no koala.We’re in the tropics and that’s a bit far north of their range, although there are a few west of here.I think. And to survive, koalas would need much more than a few street or garden trees.
    At our former home, near Brisbane, we’d sometimes hear them at night as we had big, old eucalypts, as did most neighbours.


  4. I know I’m three days late, but I was wondering if Happy Hour is still in force? (Oh, what am I saying. This is Dinah – of course it is!)

    You’re in! Hurrah! From what little I can see, your new home looks lovely. And it has a pool! Was that a requirement, or just a happy extra? I’d love a pool – I’d wallow around in it every spare minute (ensuring that the wine fridge was in easy reach, as well as a chair full of books).

    P.S. Could the mystery plant be a coffee bush? The leaves look similar…

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  5. Cheeky monkey! But you’re right-any time after the sun crosses the yard arm is Happy Hour.
    I did wonder if that sad plant could be coffee. But, given the choices of other things, I doubt it! But I think the tall eucalypt might be E. grandis. Oh dear…
    About the pool…no, not a requirement, but, since it’s there I’ll paddle about. There is a story about this pool…a rather dark tale…


  6. Somehow I’ve missed that you were moving! Well done on getting there. I still have unopened boxes after 11 years so I hope you do better. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your pool when the temperature starts to rise. I checked out my garden today for the first time in a few weeks. So many bandicoot holes it’s a minefield. And a forest of bracken fern and a very lush tradescantia. A weedy one, not one of the lovely ones. Makes me feel a bit of panic as I wonder if I’ll ever get on top of it. Enjoy your new home, I hope you’ll be very happy there. Oh, and can you please email me your new address? Cheers, I’ll raise a glass to you and the man. xxx

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    • Oh, Carol (sorry!) This place has no structured garden, but I wake in the night and think of what I might be able to do…seriously considering asking the lopper man about that ruddy tall gum.I If it is, as I think, E. Grandis, I’d like to give the logs to someone who can use them, rather than just chop chunks to feed into a chipper!
      Emailing shortly. Cheers


  7. Oh yes, the game of “where’s my…?” continues a year after we moved house! Two weeks ago i found my favorite warm weather sweatshirt (purchased decades ago). Thought i’d lost it! The new place will certainly keep you busy – but i have to say having a pool is a bit of good luck. Hard work, on top of gardens, household chores, and whatnot, but it will be worth it at the end of a hot day of hard labor! Xoxoxo


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