But having just lost several photos and sentences, I’m not betting the housekeeping purse on it! I’ll try saving this, but the difficulty seems to be a)knowing where the beezeezlehoop it goes to and b) getting it back so I can continue!

This one of about a dozen (so far) flowers on the passion fruit vine. Hoping they all become fruit!

And this is the Vanda, looking VERY pink in the sunlight.It’s actually more purple. Never mind, we likes it!

Sporran likes to check on the pool crawler when she hears the pump cut-in. Yesterday, she sat on the pool coping, ears on backwards, glaring into the water. I went to see why. Oops! Mr Kreepy was detached from his hose and just lying on the bottom of the pool. We managed to hook him out with a rake, screwed him back onto his hose and away he went, scrubbing his way around the pool. Pleased with “her” efforts, Sporran wandered off…

The native orchid, Phaius australis is almost finished for the season.

And, since we are on the topic…on Sunday we gave ourselves a day off and went to the local orchid show. Ooh! Lots of pretties! But I was very restrained. I did take some pictures…

These are (mostly) Phalaenopsis, but individual labels were impossible with the rude people!

Back to the home garden…this is the Vanda in bud

And here she is, open and looking rather Barbie Pink!

Ooh! That reminds me…there is a rather dark tale about Barbie. We are not sure whether she died of natural causes, ie, drowning…or whether she was “done in, Guv. Probly by ‘er old man, cos we’ve ‘eard them ‘avin’ a right set-to many a night. An the Mister found ‘er old man’s John Deere, arse-up be’ind the pump shed…”

Indeed. Foul play is suspected. The very dead Barbie was found by The Man, who thought there was a funny noise coming from the skimmer box. Sure enough, there she was. Too late for mouth-to-mouth or even de-fib so we stuck her in the wheelie bin.

Here’s another from the Orchid House.

20 thoughts on “I THINK I’M BACK AGAIN…

  1. Yay! Back with lots of pretty orchids. Maybe someone can help me with my orchid as it hasn’t flowered since 2018.
    Anyhow, I’m very jealous that you have a) a pool b) a pool creeper and, c) the necessary weather to need a pool.
    Have you swum in it yet?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You ARE back! Hooray! And it looks like you aren’t short of flowers in your new garden for the Garden Photos Event.
    Your Vanda is certainly very vibrant (and I’m relieved that it’s an orchid and not something else…), and that Phaius australis is quite beautiful.

    I love passionflowers – I dithered too much this year (mainly because of the terrible, terrible Spring we had) so I didn’t get any started, but I’m going to give one or two a go next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Plenty of flowers on the passionfruit…but no fruit! The blasted chayioe, however, is producing as if there were no tomorrow.
    Leo’s house orchids are all blooming…..he is mulling over your photographs and wondering when we will next have an orchid show here….
    I must admit that until I was onformed I thought a pool creeper was a chap who made a nuisance of himself round hotel pools…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome back, sweetie!

    It’s completely the wrong time of year here, so it is rather joyful to see orchids looking so fantabulousa… “Vanda Boi” could well be a drag queen name!

    Obviously the cat is in charge of scrubbing the pool – it’s too important a job to leave to mere humans.


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  5. Oooh orchids! A former coworker of mine was very good at caring for orchids and boatbuilding. I think I would try my hand at boatbuilding before I tried to keep orchids alive. I’m only successful with indoor plants that like to be ignored and only briefly splashed with occasional water. That seems to leave me with Christmas Cactus, Aloe Vera and Mother-in-law’s tongue/Snake plant. I did at least provide them with a warm corner and a full-spectrum lightbulb in lieu of actual sunlight.

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