I was about to feed the cat when I heard amphibian croaking…and a few seconds later … rain pattering onto the roof. Yes, rain! The gardeners’ gift. (Probably the camping and picnicking crews’ bane, but that’s tough -WE need this moisture!)

A glance at the calendar tells me it’s December 25. Which means that those of you on my side of the world are probably shredding fancy wrapping paper. And the rest of you are in a bit of a panic, racing around trying to find another turkey because Grandma’s test is negative and she CAN come for Christmas after all. And Uncle Arthur and Auntie Millie will drive her, but “we wont eat much!” Fat chance! I’ve seen Auntie Millie demolish the top tier of wedding cake!

So…why has my blog been as dusty and web-draped as Miss Havisham’s house? Well, things have been a little hectic. The Man was able to get roof gutters licked into shape while the sun shone. And I spent more time dragging hoses around TWO gardens.

The tenants moved out from a neighbour’s house and he, being confined to a southern city, asked us to keep an eye on things. It’s not an onerous chore in his rambling, jungle-y garden.I’ve even got a couple of seedlings for our garden!

Now, I should get some breakfast sorted, but I do wish you all a Happy Christmas. Even more, a safe, Covid-free one.

This is the view from the deck of the house where I’m on garden duty. Rather noice, innit.

And, because it’s been a Dinahmow tradition since 1959, I leave you with Mr Lehrer.

27 thoughts on “RAIN! CHRISTMAS RAIN…

    • Oh! I was ecstatic. The last few days have been dusty and temps mid thirties so this is pure magic! (Also, if it continues it will top-up the pool!)
      Happy Christmas. I expect your niece has been cooking…yes?

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  1. Kim: “It’s beautiful! It’s got a gym, a pool and a mezza-noyne.”
    Kath: A mezza-noyne?!
    Together: It’s noyce, it’s diff’rent, it’s un-ewes-ual, yes, a mezza-noyne.
    Beautiful views, Dinah! We have rain for Xmas, too. Difference is, it’s cold rain!
    Happy Lehrer-time! Jx
    Bah Humbug.

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    • Well, from this house we’re a bit to low to have the sea view, but we know it’s there!
      Now, has that new sofa room for all those books you say you’ll read in 2022?? Some of us need to know!
      Merry Sherry to you and yours. Well, maybe just give Charmaine a sniff of the cork…

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    • No, you’re still on the button.6.30pm and the sun will go down soon. I hope you have a lovely time, though I suppose travelling is not on? Oh, well, have chestnut or mince pie for me.Cheers!


  2. Hurrah for rain when it’s needed! We haven’t had much this year at all, we seem to have mini monsoons – two or three hours of the kind of rain that breaks windows – that cause floods, then nothing for weeks.

    Sounds like you had a good Christmas, I’m very glad! X

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  3. Goodness, you’ll need an axe to clear a path to the beach !
    All the best for the new year DInahmow ! I hope you will have enough rain – here snow and a thunderstorm was forecast, but promises, promises …

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