No, not Golden Rivet, so all you sailors can sit down!

I’m talking about a Xanthostomen chrysanthus, more usually called Golden Penda. There is a big tree on the front boundary. I was hopeful of cuttings, but the recent deluge has put paid to them. But it’s flowering nicely so this morning I went out with a camera…

Golden Penda

And here’s a close-up-and-personal…

The next door Illawarra Flame Brachychiton acerifolius  is still looking good, despite hundreds of flowers knocked off by wind and rain last week.

I have a better one on the camera. Why don’t you pop off and brew a pot of tea. Or tread some grapes…

A slightly better snap of next door’s tree..

Now, I do have some more interesting/exciting/gob-smacking news, but you’ll have to consider this as something like the old “Strand” magazine that published the first Sherlock Holmes stories in serial form. I do hope that was a big pot of tea…

Now, having heard that Tony Blair is to be tapped on the shoulder I think I’ll join Muriel in a grape vat…

Oh! I almost forgot…I wish you all happiness, good health and love. Let’s hope the chin-muzzlers get the message!

22 thoughts on “MY GOLDEN PENDA

    • Yes and most of those would be politicians. I am hoping the armorer has put a razor edge on it…
      WE’RE ALL LOOKING A LITTLLE BATTERED Some of us can;t even fin the keys~


  1. Your Penda is lovely, Dinah! As is your neighbours Illawarra Flame (the “fluffy red bits” as Ms Scarlet puts it look like those intricut laser-cut cards/patterns – or confetti). I spy a little ant in your Penda close-up, which made me wonder what creatures pollinate such flowers – bees? birds? ants?

    I am on the edge of my seat about your ‘interesting/exciting/gob-smacking news’ – I hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out what it is, as my bum is going numb already!

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    • Oh the birds, bees and other critters have a field day on the Penda. I was stopped at road works one day for almost 15 minutes and the tree beside the road was crawling with things, feasting their fuzzy hearts out!
      I will tell you what’s going on…just not yet. We have a plumber booked to do some work, but the Christmas/ Covid holiday got in the middle! So you can give your bum a rest!


  2. Oh! The Golden Penda is a stunner – I do hope it’s scented, as that would be the “icing on the cake”… Jx

    PS hopefully the sword may slip when it comes to Blair’s turn to kneel before royalty.

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  3. Two glorious trees! Now if only Costa Rica had been a colonising power rathe than a colony we would have had plants like this all over the country….yes, I know we have some spectacular stuff…but I want more!
    Leo woke me up in the early hours to give me news of Blair’s elevation. If that is really in the Queen’s gift then she has finally gone doolally. ..We needed a pot of teat to get over the shock.

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  4. I too was wondering if the Golden Penda smelled, but I see your comment to Jon. In a way that might be a good thing as it looks rather larger. I hate when I have to trim branches of the poplar tree because it produces a sickly sweet smell like bad honey or something. Happy New Year!

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  5. Late as usual, but nevertheless directly from my heart : Happy New Year, Dinahmow !
    Both trees look gorgeous, the yellow and the red. I only could not find IDVs ant.

    (I will refrain from saying something about Mr Blair, I mean we have our own fair share of damn liars here in Germany. )

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    • Thank you.
      Perhaps your eyes are still not quite ready to find tint ants! I admit, I did not see it either.But clickinf ++ showed it once I put on my “good” glasses! Ach! We do worry when our eyes seem to let us down…


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