That header could get me sued for false or misleading information. And we get quite enough of that from political shenanigans!

I was having a chat with Scarlet about planning an exciting post. So…I knew we had some timber left over from mending a fence and I wandered out to see if any posts were exciting. I certainly didn’t feel any shivers of excitement. No trembling breathlessness. Nada.

So you’ll just have to make do with my usual fare.

Here is a picture of….??? No, there is not a prize for knowing the answer. But feel free to be creative.

And another picture… hint: this one alludes to the excitement.

Another little snippet of excitement! A friend who spins, dyes and weaves beautiful Alpaca fleece has been experimenting with natural dyes and I’m going to grow some indigo for him. I did mess about with dyeing, years ago and grew some native indigo before we moved to Mackay. I have some soil prep to do before planting the seedlings. Just as well the weather pixies have finally got their act together!

We have not had the flooding some areas have seen, but damn! it’s good to have rain.

Now, I must scoot back to the kitchen and get breakfast sorted as a workman is coming this morning and may have to turn off the power.

Have another picture! And all done without one of those silly selfie sticks!

25 thoughts on “AN EXCITING POST.

  1. Where to begin? I’m breathless with excitement!
    That first picture – could it be nipples poking through a wall?
    The second – you’ve built a railway in your garden?!
    The third – is that plaster dust in your hair? And I haven’t seen a Kodak Instamatic 133 with a flashcube in decades…



    • Definitely not nipples!
      A railway in the garden? No, but I might hold that thought for consideration when I have to lug groceries …
      Plaster dust? hahaha. That’s what posh people call “natural streaks” when blondes go grey!
      Instamatic Flash-cubes! Dear lord, I’d forgotten all about them! But, no, your guess is not quite correct.The SLR’s flash engaged on auto.
      Now, I’m off to find more about those gerbils…


    • OH, I didn’t realise those sticks had been banned. Good! Some silly bimba clobbered me with one and got a few sharp words!
      And the “something breaking in” is not quite the answer.
      There is a clue, but you need to look!


    • hahaha! Oh, Ma’am you know know me so well! No. If you keep looking you might find a clue. (I should have posted this as “what’s the clue” . Oh gawd! I can hear a voice from the ether asking “did I win yet?”


  2. You’ve been knocking walls down haven’t you?! and you’ve discovered an ancient radiogram behind a previously tiled wall? Or you’ve excavated some plumbing – nipples now on show!!
    I also thought you’d built a mini railway in the garden!
    Good luck with the kitchen or bathroom makeover!!

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  3. Tiles have been removed ; it may be a lavabo ; there may be copper tubes bend ; I have no clue how “connections / connectors” whateveristhecorrectword look, but it could be “thingies” where water comes out. Handyman the power turner will know.
    Is it correct to assume that you are in the midst of a bathroom remodelling ?

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  4. Your friend may already have researched the natural products to use for dyes but a few I know of (and only a couple I’ve used): onion skins, turmeric, red cabbage, even avocado skin & peel. There’s many more, these just came first to mind.


  5. Well, I’m not the first to solve the 1st picture, but yes, definitely plumbing work. Three pipes so…I would have guessed sink, but that looks like a sink on the left, so small washer or shower?

    I too thought you were building a small railroad in the garden.

    Blue is my favorite color family! Good luck on growing the Indigo and helping your friend’s business thrive! I have met several alpacas and llamas throughout my life and not once have I ever been spit on. I feel like this warrants a prize. I should have to make my own prize if I want one so bad. Hahaha. Take care!

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    • Not too shabby! Yes, plumbing work…the bath tub has been removed the area will be tiled to suit a shower.
      But the railroad guess is not correct. So only a couple of smarties.
      And what is this ghost that follows us, wanting to know “did I win yet?”
      The wee ghostie is a happy memory, is it not…

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  6. Pleased to hear you haven’t been washed away in all that rain. So much flooding! All we got was enough rain to turn the garden into a weedy jungle. Though I’ve just noticed that the naked ladies are beginning to push through the weeds. Pink belladonnas, one of my favourite lilies. They make me very happy. Easily made happy, me… Stay covid free, and enjoy your garden. Good luck with the indigo.

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