You know how ,sometimes, you have the sort of day that thwarts your every move? Yes, that sort of day, multiplied.

The torrential rain seems to have abated. One or two light showers, but no further problem rain. Man! I was getting tired of wringing out bath towels!

Still waiting on a chap to check the roof…

And a chap from the air conditioner company can’t come before early May…so, yes, I do feel a bit like Uncle Jim

I managed to bunk-off the other day and go into Town to catch up with a friend and have a quick look at the Libris Awards artist books. I shall be back at least one more time for a longer look. Here’s a link to the current exhibition. It’s a PDF, but I think you can also view online.

And for those not drawn to such things, let’s see if I can find a small amusement for you! Well, I hope you’ll like it! Two of my old faves…

And let me close with an admission…I dashed off this brief post in case the devilishly clever Scarlet figured a way to greatly empixilate MY blog! She’s a clever little minx sometimes.

Now, I must get to the purveyor of pussy fare, lest Sporran start chewing my slippers.

Here’s a staghorn making a valiant comeback……squint very carefully and you can see two very tiny growth buds. Hope is not always a thing with feathers!

This is a very old photo…the “water sprite” was very young…


  1. So sorry you’re soggy at the mo…

    I absolutely adored the Marian Montgomery-Dudley Moore combo!

    Have a great weekend, Dinah! Hope the Staghorn fern thrives. Jx


    • i’d love to oblige, but we have no rain. It’s the time of year when the temperature drops rather dramatically overnight and the morning leaves are dripping and the lawns are soggy…


  2. Over here, the mark of a successful drug dealer is the possession of numerous luxuriant staghorn plants….so by the look of yours you won’t be having a visit from the rozzers any time soon.
    We have two….presents from those possessing many……
    Thanks for the second verse of Uncle Jim…I hadn’t heard that before.

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  3. Do you have a tarp on your roof until it can be fixed at least? If I lived closer I’d be happy to have climbed up their and put a tarp on it for you. I hope it gets fixed soon!

    I’d love to go to that museum collection! It is right up my alley, as we say. The music is a bit slow for me though and I don’t have time to close my eyes right now.
    Take care!

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