…bloggers are popping up with apologies for their non-blogging. Some claim to have been busy, some say they lost their mojo, some have been busy…

Oh! Sod that! I could claim all those excuses, but I can’t be bothered and, anyway, it would be bordering on untruth. We’ve got politicians telling fibs and stonking great lies all over the place; no need for me to add to the dross!

Shakespeare seems right…the rain it doth indeed raineth ev’ry day. And warnings are out for some areas to expect flooding. Thus far, our little pocket is spared that.

Some local colour…

This is an Agave. I think it’s A. attenuata, but I’m not certain. There are more than a dozen planted here; at present, only two are in flower. They are, mercifully, not the viciously prickly buggers!

A Cordyline; C. fruticosa, with a honey bee!

One of hundreds of Heliconia. They will be thinned-out once the rain stops.

And a red Athurium,

Now, something encouraging for our Inexplicable friend, whose own bat succumbed to the English winter. Tacca chantrieri. I hope to get a white one, T. integrifolia some day. This one looks much happier than it was a few months ago! Still needs re-potting.

Oh! The Great Spider Drought has broken! Last week, I saw the first Golden Orb lady for, what, 2 or 3 years. Her web was attached to a gate and I think was probably broken when a workman opened the gate. But I hope she is still out there. Somewhere…

Nephila pilipes

21 thoughts on “ALL OVER THE PLACE…

  1. Only one word to say, really –lush!

    Apart from the Anthurium (which is quite a common houseplant here), I’ve never knowingly seen any of the blooms on show here – fabulous! Jx

    PS that spider looks like it’s after some huge prey!

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    • It’s very wet here, too.I’m getting desperate for dry things! There’s a small launderette nearby and I think I’ll have to haul some damp things down there to use a dryer. But I’d better find out how much it costs. These days, you probably need a credit card!

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  2. Drying Franconia could use some of your rain very very well !
    Glad to hear that Miss Orb feasts on mosquitoes, nevertheless I’d avoid to meet her at any cost. As per usual I have no clue about all this impressive greenery, with the exception of that red plant, I think I saw something like it here, but what to expect from a green idiot ?

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  3. You are NOT a green idiot! You admit, up-front, that you are not a gardener. The idiots are the ones who still race about, trying to get things to grow in places those things don’t want to grow!
    The red thing? Yes, as Jon mentioned, they are house plants in Europe.

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  4. Gorgeous blooms, and thank you for the bat, Dinah. I think I’m going to have to experience bats vicariously through you – unless I can find one already growing somewhere…

    * ignores comment above about idiots trying to get things to grow in places they don’t want to grow *

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    • I shall do my best to keep this bat going. It should have been split and re-potted some time ago, but with all the other things going on…
      We all have our garden “dreamies” don’t we? I’ve been sighing over gorgeous pics and descriptions of gorse.Gorse, of all things! I don’t even attempt its look-alike, broom here.

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  5. You certainly still have some real beauties in your new yard. Oh and I agree about not apologizing for not posting on the blog — what for? None of us is being paid for goodness sake. It’s not a job. It’s for fun.


    • You are right, of course. I’ve resisted the income-from-adverts.This is supposed to be “a small amusement” I try not to get too serious and political on this platform, though that is increasingly difficult!.


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