Well, somewhat occupied elsewhere. Trying to get some interesting photos for the Great Garden Expo, to be featured in mere weeks (gulp!) over at our mutual friend’s place. Believe me, I can’t even begin to come close to that! But The Man did stumble across a Grevillea neither of us had ever seen . So, I followed Tarzan’s Trail…

… along the side fence and up to the top of the yard and stumbled, painfully, upon this holly look-alike.

I then went on a trek through the Slough of Google Despair, eventually arriving at this Not sure how long before we see any flowers…

Oh! Didn’t have time to take pics, but a small frog was on the kitchen floor the other day. Poor little fella was almost wrapped in cat fur and dust bunnies (so much for the housekeeping here!!!) I soaked a paper towel and carefully picked off as much hairy stuff as I could. It was very foggy earlier and the leaves over the deck were obligingly drippy so I put Froggy on a nice wet heliconia and he slid down into the garden. Possibly one of these.

What else has been happening here? Not much of interest to my readers, but enough to keep me out of trouble. What? You didn’t think I ever got into trouble? Oh, trouble comes in many guises…

Now, I’m off to the library and then to the Purveyor of Plonk and other comestibles…

And that old rascal, Time, has morphed into a different day.……

I went to the Big Box hardware store and wandered through their plants section. A hideous, impersonal place, where pots are crammed, yes CRAMMED onto shelves, to the point of being damaged. Where red-shirted staff have no idea of plant names and don’t seem to give monkey’s tassle.

So why do I go there? Because Big Box stores, like big chain supermarkets, are forcing smaller enterprises out of business. 20 years ago, this town had several garden shops, privately owned and staffed by knowledgeable people. Sigh…

But I did buy a couple of things to fill some gaps along a fence. And I found a discrepancy in the pricing. Once, I would have politely pointed out the mistake. But not yesterday. If staff are so careless I’m not going to correct their mistakes. So I happily dropped my plastic for the lower price! Bugger ’em!

Oh, you want to know what I bought? Tecomanthe hilli the Fraser Island creeper, and Arabian jasmine http://Jasminum sambac . I had both, growing like an invading army, at the old house so I’m confident they will perform well here.

And I picked up a sweet little miniature cyclamen at the grocer’s the other day.

And I was very chuffed to see flower buds forming on a Dracaena! So I prowled around, peering down into the leaf whorls, looking for more. And, yes, some of the others also have buds!

Dracaena fragrans.

Back to the mundane…

But I’ll leave you with another Croton…black as night!

Oh! Why stop at one! My current fave…


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15 thoughts on “SUCCESS…I THINK!

  1. I recognised the cyclamen! Everything else looks exotic. You appear to be having WordPress woes as I have tons of notifications from your blog in my email box – I will explore to see what happened! Hopefully everything is fine now?!


    • Damned WordPress published my post on a defunct site! And I’m drowning in adverts! I’m sorry you seem to be getting an excess of notifications.
      Yes a lot of the jungle probably IS exotic to you, but you have great swathes of woodland violets and drifts of daffodils so I guess we’re even.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your ‘Tarzan’s Trail’ could feature in Melanie’s Trees and Paths photo thingy. As pretty as those little flowers are, I wouldn’t want to come a cropper on those leaves – I’d much rather meet Tarzan at the end of the trail!

    I’m not suprised that final Croton is your fave – It’s gorgeous! Those leaves look like bird-of-paradise feathers.

    Oh, and well done on the pricing discrepancy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, poor Dinah! You seem to have spent a whole day just trying to post this. It was worth the wait – there are some real beauties here! As Ms Scarlet observes, however, apart from Croton and Dracaenea as houseplants, none of them would grow here in the UK.

    I love “shopping bargains” – years ago I bought a Beaucarnea recurvata that had been misplaced among those teeny-tiny specimens for creating an indoor terrarium or bottle-garden. It cost me about a pound, and is now (a few decades down the line, admittedly) five feet tall! I also do quite well by picking up ratty, neglected half-price specimens in the “casualty corner” of a garden centre and nursing them back to health.

    Well done! Jx

    PS I use Firefox as my default browser, with Adblock Plus, and I never see a single advert on your, nor any other, blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Jon! There are times when I wish I could go mad on fuchsias and sweet peas and ..and..and
      But I have learned/am learning to be a little more sensible.
      Ah, the “casualty corner” I know it well. A friend calls it the Death Trolley, piled high with poor, root-bound, dried-out things on their way to the rubbish bin.(Why do garden centres not have a big composting bin??) I’ve scooped many a bargain over the years..


  4. I too have arrived, and I know the struggle of finicky blog hosting sites! Since I have two dominate personalities ones got a blog on WordPress and the other on Blogger. I do find WordPress easier to post on (yikes, I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying so!) At any rate, I’m happy to see signs of life from you! I also met a little frog today. I was watering and it came up the branch of a plant to say “hello” and “Thank you.”

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