How Twitter banned a meteor: It’s the news from Britain

6 thoughts on “How Twitter banned a meteor: It’s the news from Britain

    • Well, you got the re-blog! It only took about 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!
      Yes, Mr Musk has made a bit of a muck-up. I was never a Twitter/Tweeter so don’t care. I did try to use it for Kaz’s sake, but even she couldn’t cope! As to side board oopsies…we’ll have to wait and see what Blogger does! (Have I won yet?)

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      • Same here – I signed up for Kaz, and then my account was hacked by a chap in Japan and I started receiving emails in Japanese from Twitter. I spent a day deleting my account. The world would be a better place without Twitter.

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  1. Idle devil… if you have anything else to do with a new house….. an untamed garden…..
    As for Twitter, Leo signed me up for it to keep in contact with one of his friends, why not sign himself up, one asks but receives no satisfactory answer…but both sides gave up trying to use it and reverted to e mails.

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