But let’s not get too excited…it’s stopped!

All the same, I’m happy as I had a few plants beginning to struggle. Hell! I was struggling, but today has been off-on showery and the thermometer (which I have not yet found!) has slid down to somewhere in the ahhh-bliss! range.

But I put on my Big Girl Kni__Muriel! sunscreen and hat and set off, with a camera, into the bush across the road. There are several Eucalypts absolutely loaded with buds and I’m hoping for something spectacular when we get decent rain.

And many of the street plantings (by the City Council) feature Golden Penda Xanthostemon chrysanthos . Many happy birds!

Growing on my neighbour’s Bottle Brush is one of the native mistletoes. Pretty sure this one is Dendrophthoe glabrescens

I wasn’t brave enough to venture down into the gully (I think it’s there to carry storm water away) as it’s a good 6 or7 metres (20′) down a steep bank. I was alone and knew The Man would not hear me yell for help. And there might have been Triffids…

And I don’t know how deep that is! Sufficient for thousands of mozzies to breed!

And that will have to do for now, my lovelies. Time to put on my apron and chef’s hat and get some dinner sorted.

I will try to pop in again before too long and, I hope, have something worth “Show and Tell.”

25 thoughts on “YAY!RAIN.

  1. I appreciate your upload of nature pictures as always! I like rain, not so much when it goes weeks on end, but overall, I like it! It’s ideal when it rains late at night, and I can work in the yard the next day. This is a good safe distance for me to view the Eucalyptus. It’s crazy, but I’m allergic to it! I worked in a craft store in the early 1990’s and I really liked my job, but I had to leave because making fake plant decors with Eucalyptus was all the rage at the time and the store was not big enough for me to escape it.

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  2. I’m very pleased for your rain! Does it ever rain enough for you to see mud – you know how much I love mud.
    Imagine, you have gullies, whereas Devon has ditches! Best to steer clear of them!

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    • Do we have mud? Do we wot! Actually I’m thinking of making a “dirty shirt” as there is a patch of very orange stuff along the fence. Years ago, some enterprising hippie-type girl was selling “dirt-on-a-shirt” wear at a market. When you think about it…it’s just a way of dyeing stuff.

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  3. Thanks for the mistletoe pic….even if gained at risk of slip sliding away….
    I love rain – not always so keen on its consequences here this year – and miss it as we are now on hose and sprinkler sessions right through until May.

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    • Oh, the mistletoe is just next door…but I think there may well be all kinds of things down in that storm drain swamp.!
      And I understand about the hose regs…we also have them.Ours work on a house numbering system: even numbers have Tues,Thurs,Sat.Odds have Sun.Weds.,Fri and NO-ONE is permitted to water on Monday. Unless things get really desperate, we can use hand-held hoses. But sprinklers only those days and the hours a restricted, too. Ah, but there’s a “special concession” for new lawns!


  4. Wow! That Golden Penda is rather prolific. Does the bird song ever get deafening/annoying?

    I was about to say that I wouldn’t be able to stop mysef exploring around the gully, but then there was the mention of mosquitos. Perhaps, I’d only don my explorer hat out of mozzie season?

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    • I can cope with bird song, but yappity little dogs get on my wick! There seems to be only one nearby so that’s not TOO bad.
      And I’m sure I will get to explore that gully one day, but not in monsoon season, just in case! And I shall need a stout staff. And masses of Aerogard!


  5. How lovely and lush it looks, I wonder what birds you get in that tree?
    It’s been very quiet here for weeks but the birds are beginning to sing again, and there are snowdrops! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a little sunshine in the not too distant future.

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    • Oh! We have a lot of birds! Nectar feeders go bonkers when native things bloom and many have happily adapted to introduced plants. But probably the most noticeable and rowdy are the lorikeets. We had a young crow “visiting” daily when we first moved here, but he/she seems to have gone off to make his/her way in crow world.It was amusing to see the parents still flying in with food for this big bird!Oh! I’ve noticed sparrows, too! I suppose pigeons will be next!

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