I’m sorry, well, sort-of sorry, for leaving you floundering in the wilderness. Actually, NO! I’m not sorry. I mean, if you people don’t know by now that flounders don’t live in the wilderness…well, I can’t offer much hope.

But let’s leave the fish, floundering in the wherever. I’ve gotta go, Anna!

It looks much bigger (approx. 1 metre long) than the one that lives in the hole beside the driveway. Probably a Varanus varius, but I’m on shaky ground here. Feel free to Google…you’ll find screeds about a local brewery! They are also a big tourist draw here https://www.google.com/search?q=goanna+in+finch+hatton+qld

I took this picture yesterday, in our back garden. Worried that my shutter-click might scare him/her away, I was creeping around like Peeping Tom. Pfft! Goanna didn’t care. So I managed to get quite a few pictures before the battery said I’d taken enough.

OK…apart from big carnivorous lizards, what else has been happening?

Well, not much from the weather pixies. My poor homeland copped most of that. I have, so far, heard from most people I know there that they are OK. But with many still without power or phone coverage, we have to rely on TV news…Ditto Turkey and Syria and parts of Ukraine. update: first link no longer viable


We’ve had a few showers, which has seen more blooms for nectar-lovers. But I’ll have to wait for the battery to suck up its ergs, or whatever batteries eat…here’s an earlier shot of a Callistemon…

And some gorgeous pink leaves from an un-ID’d tree across the road.I couldn’t resist picking a big armful for the house. They didn’t last long, but what a pop! of hot pink!

Ooh! Look! another goanna

Oh-oh…the sky is a darkening grey…too early for a storm, but I think I’ll scoot to the purveyor of plonk now.

33 thoughts on “ABOUT TIME I UPDATED THIS! 20.02.23

  1. Jeez! And we thought foxes in the garden were bad enough. [Mind you, I think a Goanna might be sufficient to deter those furry bastards (and the squirrels, and the shitting cats) from the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers, so I think we might look into getting one!]

    That Callistemon is a monster – they only ever grow about six feet tall here. And the camp pink-leafed specimen (Syzygium “Lilly Pilly”, is it not?) wouldn’t look out of place at the entrance to Elton John’s boudoir… Jx

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    • I’m not sure just which plant that is; all the syzygium have similar leaves and I’ve not yet seen flowers so can’t be certain. But Elton would probably love it!
      As for getting a goanna…just beware unscrupulous pet shops that might try to flog you a Komodo Dragon!


  2. Not familiar with Wood Green, but if it’s anything, even remotely like the shopping malls here…get one Komodo each! (I now do my weekly shop on Tuesday at 1030am when they have Quiet Hour at the supermarket. Bliss!)


  3. Goodness, you have the most interesting garden of anyone I’ve ever known!
    I recently bought a plant with what I thought were pink leaves but, apparently, they’re flowers. Can’t remember what it’s called but I love it and have managed to keep it alive, unlike the phalaenopsis I tried earlier.

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  4. Eryl, this present garden is nothing. A few more weeks and then I can get some of my crammed-in-the-entryway things into the ground.It’s still far too hot; I think I’m going to need screens for a lot of things. It’ll be like the frost covers, years ago. Only daytime and protection against sun, not frost!


  5. Well, that’s slightly more impressive than my newt…

    * huff *

    Anyway, gorgeous pink leaves! They remind me of young leaves from a variegated Ficus benjamina (although Ficus leaves don’t come in pairs like those). And I shall have to have words with the little Callistemon on our paysho – it’s got to buck it’s ideas up!

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    • I’ve had 2 Callistemon waiting to be planted-out and…quel horreur!Something has done for them.No sign of insect damage, but the leaves have died.I cut back into the stems, hoping they’d revive. Nope. All dead wood. I’ll check the roots later today…
      And I didn’t know you had a newt!


      • My newt was basking in the sun in the shallows of the pond the other day. I didn’t manage to get a photo, but there’s this one from last year (at the ed of the post).

        How were your Callistemon roots? I checked my potted Fuchsias not long ago, and most of them seem to have carked it, too (the couple of cold snaps, I suspect). However, the cuttings I took which are in the red greenhouse are sprouting, so all is not lost!

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  6. So basically you just added carniverous lizards to the list of ‘Things on property where Dinamow lives that are way too large and will eat your face.’ I’d be OK with that if I also got the Elton John plant along with the rest of the deal. That is absolutely glorious!

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    • FN…I’m very concerned at the lack of those beautiful big orb-weaver spiders. Seriously, what’s responsible for their demise locally? Hair brushes and toe-capped boots and poisons I suspect.
      So far, we have not seen any snakes and I can’t pretend to be too disappointed!


  7. That thing looks quite menacing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not fond of lizards, scales and amphibianist things!!! I wouldn’t be outside much if one were to show up here.

    I have been meaning to stop in… it’s been hell since getting back from travels, and getting caught up.

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  8. Lovely to see you here! Especially as you’ve been so busy traipsing around Budapest!
    You’d probably be quite safe here. Well, safe from goannas, but the crocs are a bit of a worry in some areas. Now, I’m going to have another drool at your Budapest pics. éljenzés pirítós


    • CROCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worry your talking about the reptile….and the dreaded FOOTWEAR!!!!!!!! I’d rather take my chances with a croc….the reptile that is, lmao!!!!! Crocs, the footwear is always a bit of worry.


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