I see quite a few bloggers apologising (or not!) for long absences between posts, but I still feel a bit guilty…

Enough of that! I’m here now to bring you up-to-date with some of my doings. No, not all the details. You don’t need to know about th Muriel!!!Stop that! Oh dear…

We continue to find-and-fix little things about the apartment. A loose screw here, and small crack there…The biggest of these was a non-draining drain pipe. When neigh bours’ storm water was rooster-tailing into the street drain, ours was overflowing the roof gutters. Hmm…not good. So we got a plumber to investigate. He had one of those nifty camera thingies that you can poke up drains and around corners. A splendid bit of kit, except that it stopped poking about six feet from the starting point!

Well, that would account for the great Niagara from the roof…So The Man dug the offending pipe out…it had been squashed flat! New pipe is now in place and the grass has grown back.

And, since he was wearing his “plumber’s hat” The Man also said he’d change the washer on the the bathroom basin tap; well, that turned into a bit more than a new washer! Once he’d cleared out all the shampoo bottles and Kleenex boxes and tooth paste stored beneath the sink…he discovered that the mixer tap’s out-of -sight parts were completely eroded and breaking away in veridian bits ! So, off to the Big Box store for a nice, shiny new mixer tap.

And in between all the small repairs, he made two lattice panels for the back patio. Not sure yet what to plant there as it’s North-facing so needs something tough enough to withstand our summers!

Also of interest (to me) was the harvesting of various Indigo crops my friend has planted around town. A couple of weeks ago I drove up to one of his crops, about an hour north, on a lovely rural property. Much hilarity as leafy stems were cut and prepped. You can see the blue-green tint after an hour or so of soaking in hot water. The process is great fun!

Here is a quick pic of my Indigo, planted in early January and harvested yesterday. It will slow down somewhat now and take off again in Spring.

In other news…the cat had her annual shots and was pronounced a very fit and healthy girl for her age. She spent the next 48 hours snoozing! It’s alright for some, innit!

35 thoughts on “BACK AGAIN!

  1. We could do with The Man’s skills here. In the absence of drunken gardener – now very sore and aching gardener – Danilo decided to empty the pond and managed to wrench off the key on the drainage pipe. New joint purchased and should have been installed – except that drunken gardener had taken the glue some weeks ago to fix his water pipes,. He denied still having it so Danilo will be visiting him tonight to turn his house over until it is found…much more fun than buying a new tube….
    I was just trying to remember which dye plant it was that needed steeping in urine…..was it woad?

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  2. The man would be very, very welcome here.
    Reading the comments I felt for the poor nuns, though perhaps it was at least a change of duties. I hope the weather was warm.
    Love the colour from the Indigo. Do you have plans for it?
    And congratulations to Sporran. And to you two for your care of her.

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  3. Believe it or not I wish I had trained as a plumber, I seem to have a natural affinity with cock and ball, and faulty faucets.
    Anyhow, it is lovely to see a post from you! I now realise I haven’t posted in some time, and as Jon is away I suppose I ought to rectify this or we’ll have a very quiet 10 days whilst he’s on holiday!

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  4. I know – I have the Luton airport post in draft form! I noticed it the other day when I logged into my dashboard. I have no idea why I didn’t complete it. I also have some OTHER stuff, and lots of photos. I have plenty. I think I have some sort of psychological problem with actually pressing the publish button. Grrrr.

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  5. Ah, Sporran! Snoozing somewhere out of the camera’s lens until she’s ready for her close up? And how on Earth did that pipe get flattened? That must have been one hell of a big Beaky hopping around on the lawn to have done that!

    P.S. Why are there sandwiches in the indigo water? And what are the fillings?

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    • My reply to you got knotted by something in the blogisphere and is posted as reply to Scarlet. And I haven’t even had a drink yet! I’m scared to try to re-post it so you’ll have to start all over again. It’s worth it, though, cos I mentioned our little night time escapade…

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      • Ah, the inscrutable nature of commenting on a WordPress blog always seems rather hit and miss to me. Still, I am currently overjoyed that I can like comments again after months and months and months of WordPress blocking me!

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  7. Our cats spend the next 8 hours sleeping after a visit from the housekeeper… and she even gives them treats. I’ve never seen anyone work with indigo. Very cool. How did that pipe get crushed? I have some loose screws I wish could be tightened.

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    • Well, the pipe damage occurred before we bought the place, but our guess is some tradie with a heavy load and scant attention.
      The indigo is a new venture for me although I have used other dyes in the past.


  8. Is it possible to dry the indigo and grind it into fine powder to use as a hair dye, by melting a shampoo bar and adding some indigo powder to it, reset back to a block and viola! Hair dye you can take into the shower with non of the faff of mixing bottle A with bottle B etc. Rose madder for a pink hue. I can see it now in Home Bargains “Dinah’s Collar and Cuffs” it’ll fly off the shelves.

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  9. Indigo killed the European “Waid” for dying blue sometime in the 19th (?) century ?, I forgot when. Dyeing was smelly and unhealthy, the pee had to be heated too. Purpur btw was stinky too.

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  10. Hey wordpress told my you liked my comment over on Scarlet’s blog. It doesn’t seem to let me like any comments.
    I assume that flatten pipe connects to another pipe that continues through the ground. My neighbor has drainage issues in his back yard (oh his garden). He had a French drain installed. I guess it was popular in France? His is just a deep pit filled with gravel and the drain pipe runs to it. It’s cover over with the lawn. It does get soggy with heavy rain.

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    • Sodding WordPress! How dare it not let my friends like each others’ comments! Scarlet had some glitches at her dashboard,too and The Inexplicable Device has only just been given a reprieve.


  11. I’m only away five minutes, and everything seems to be a discussion about pipes and Nun urine! Business as usual, then 🤣… Jx

    PS That “rota” fell by the wayside a bit, didn’t it?

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  12. A job well done by the man! I bet its nice to have that pipe fixed and flooding resolved! So that’s Indigo for the use of dying stuff, yes? I have a friend in Japan that loves going to a place to dye things in indigo vats. Blues are my favorite color, the whole spectrum. I can’t even think of an ugly shade of blue.


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