about me

For newcomers who did not know me at Blogger…

I was born in New Zealand, lived several years in Europe.

Currently I live in tropical Queensland, Australia, with The Man, who 

does not wish to be identified here.

Sadly, there are some dishonest folk who think anything they see on the Web is up for grabs. Work posted here is copyright of its author. so please ask permission to use said work.Thank you.

you can reach me by email   diane dot patmore  at  gmail  dot com

12 thoughts on “about me

  1. I think your blog is just great – easy to read & follow. Well set out.
    I am in the process of setting up a website & thought it would be so easy but some parts are proving tricky. Now I wonder if maybe a blog like this would be better.
    Was it hard to do?
    You are a clever lady!


  2. I like your blogs, but I’m a little confused about who is writing. Do your cats write? Are you the husband or the wife.? I will have to go back and read a little more carefully. My blog is called flamblogger and you can find it at flamblogger.blogspot.com I also remember George V1 I lived at Flamborough Head E. Yorks in the late 40’s and 50’s. Moved to Toronto in the 60’s and down here to San Diego County from 1973 onwards. I like your style of writing. It is very readable and entertaining.


  3. Hello Dinah,,,,,,,,Just wanted to thank-you for the nice comment you left for John. When he was contacted to do the Urban Sketchers interview he was quite surprised. When it came out last Friday he was humbled, honored and all smiles. Big fun for a 10 year old. I like your Mustang. Best Regards, Dave and Sonia Woolley ( John’s Dad and Mom ).


  4. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and reading all my printmaking posts. I hope you found a book or two as well!
    I thought I really must visit in return – and I’m so glad I did. Another great blog for my Follow and Read Often List (in fact, two, as I have also “discovered” a blog belonging to Certain Cats!)
    I’ll be back – regularly I hope!


  5. I came back here after you followed me. What a lovely blog. I’m in! And not just because you were best buds with George VI (who really sounded like an OK guy. After all, he married the Queen Mum who was wonderful!)

    Hope the blood doesn’t all rush to your head down there in Australia!


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