once more, unto the breach…

(I said that in my best Olivier voice; a shame you can’t hear it.)

I got up this morning, fed the furry ones, brewed some coffee and came in here for a quiet perusal of emails and blogs.

Oh.My.Ears.And.Whiskers. There was an email from Scarlet, advising me that WordPress has done some more tinkering and that the cunning little work-around devised for the earlier tinkering no longer de-tinkered. Well, bugger! I thought. I’d better at least let the world know that I am still here, even if my ship is about to go down…

Thus far, things seem to be OK .But we all know how easily I can get in a muddle!

Shall we see if I can still transport photos from the Land Beyond? Right. Seat belts on? Here we go…

Oo-er. Missus It’s bigger’n I thought. The lovely Carissa which has such a sweet scent and tasty fruits. And vicious spines.

But hey! It’s a picture. On my blog. And you don’t need Sherlock’s big magnifier!

We had more rain this week. And fabulous lightning one night. No thunder here, but it must have been a cracking storm somewhere. Out to sea, I expect. So most of this week has been given over to more weeding!

Another picture of another frog.

The big news on the local scene is that some Covid restrictions have been eased. As of… glances at clock...a couple of hours ago, facemasks are no longer mandatory whenever we leave our houses. And people can dance at “venues” and weddings and have up to 100 people in their houses. Bloody hell! Who lives in a house big enough to cram 100 in?

Now to see if I can publish this post. I know it’s even briefer than usual, but things are rather hectic here and I have some important filing to do. sigh…grubbing around in the garden does wreak havoc on nails!

On the Docket Today.

A little pruning. No weeding as I have some band-aided fingers!

The Dioscorea ? along the front verandah rail is starting to show its autumnal yellows. That means I’d better cut it down NOW.If I leave it until all the leaves have turned crispy and brown I’ll never get my secateurs through it. Also, it has seeds forming and I don’t want a forest of this next year!

Note I’ve called it D. ? as I’m really not sure what it is.There is one whose fruits are edible, but I’m pretty sure this is not it! How do I know? Because, years ago, an old woman told me she cooked them for the family. I asked how and she said:”Just the same as ya cook spuds!” Well, I tried boiling some. After at least half an hour of rapid boiling they were still rock-hard. And green! Microwaving didn’t work either. Nor did salting then roasting. Still hard. Still green. And very likely still deadly!

Here is a shot of some of the fruits…

The smallest is about the size of a small pea. They get a hell of a lot bigger! I’ve dug out rooted ones that easily fill a 15cm/6″ soup bowl! So I’ll try to pick up any that drop. Birds, bats and possums spread them, whether eaten and passed through the digestive tract or simply knocked off the vine or maybe bitten and spat out I don’t know, but there are quite a few around the place that probably came from mine! Oopsy!

I think we could all do with some amusement. Especially poor Queen Mary.


And for those of you old enough to have put your Saturdee night drinkin’ back/forward an hour so you could watch the kiddies’ TV favourite*…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip5e9NUvX6A

I like clever. We could all do with more of clever. Love is good, too and there seems not to be much of that these days.

Here’s what one chap did while stuck in some hotel to sit -out his Covid quarantine. Like I said, clever.

Well I’d better git in the saddle and gallop out to the chow house…https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/05/horsing-around-australian-man-creates-paper-friend-out-of-lunch-bags-in-hotel-quarantine

*Pretty sure this didn’t make it to the kiddies’ session!

Forest of the damned.

Damned palm seedlings, that is. Foxtail palm, Wodyetia bifurcata. A lovely, lush thing, but rather too generous with its seeds. Ripening to a rich orange, about golf ball size, they hang on the tree for ages, not unlike a 5kg bag of mandarins and are a good food source for bats, possums and some birds.

Then, the few hundred or so that are left drop to the ground, germinate and away we go again.

That’s not grass! It’s hundreds of foxy seedlings! All this rain we’ve had are having has given everything a boost and I spent some time this morning pulling out handfulls of these. Lovely trees in the right place, but this yard does not have the space for so many. Not so long ago, foxies were at the centre of a scandal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Melville_incident

I also pulled handfulls of Cobblers’ Pegs Bidens pilosa, a nasty thing whose seed awns are not only a fecund nuisance, they can be a menace in animal fur or woolen clothing. The unseen corner over the back fence is choked with them; I’ll have to be extra vigilant when the wind blows from the south.

And then, my back having had enough bending, I straightened up and took a camera for a walk…

The Allamanda can’t seem to stop! Daffodils are out of the question here, but I glory in the matching yellow and similar fragrance. And that’s about the colour of our walls, too!

And the rain has been kind to the Gloriosa, allowing another flush before it goes to sleep…

An un-named bromeliad, bought at a school fair, years ago.

Two of our Anthuriums…I rather like the purple.

I’ll leave you with the Soursop (two that we can see, but possibly another higher up the tree).