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So i thought I would bake her a cake. Yes, I can bake cakes.I have even been known to cover them in icing.

But we’ve been suffering a hellish heatwave here and I couldn’t face having the oven on as well. What to do? What to do? Ask Google, of course!

I wanted something a little more grown-up than the plethora of Barbie confections. I added “adult” to the search.

Oh. Dear. Me. Don’t go there, people. Really.

I did find  something that I thought might suit the well-honed wit of Ms Scarlet.Not quite as classy as her famous towering fountain of Ferrero Roche. But I thought this black tie affair might make her day.

Happy birthday, Scarlet.

I may have some spider sex for the next post.It depends on the spiders.




Poor, dear Scarlet has been cake-deprived for far too long.I think the Brexit debacle upset her so much that she lived on cake to keep her spirits up.Or maybe she kept the spirits up and gave up cake?

Anyway, to cheer up the poor girl some of her daft blogmates   are sending her virtual cakes.

I found this treasure over at  where the wonderfully wacky Jen has been show-casing some classics over the years.

I like that the icing reads SB 1 which, very neatly, could be for “Scarlet Blue is #1.” I suggest that Scarlet just scrapes off the redundant “Dad” and licks her finger. And, no, I will not re-phrase that. I’m sure none of my readers would see it as rather rude. Maybe.


Would you like to bake a cake for Scarlet? If you do, please leave a link  in her comments section so we can all pop round to yours and scoff the lot.