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Well, why not? After all, those vintners have been slaving away in the burning sun, torrential rain, even frost ! It would be churlish not to offer them support.

I found this floating around the interweb, ages ago.If I ever knew who dreamed it up I’ve forgotten, but it’s clever.

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So…things have been a bit quiet on the blog front. I’ve been doing other things.Like sitting on the steps, camera ready, as the sunbirds construct their beautiful nest. They have not nested at our house for a few years, but they’re back now and we’re delighted. The cats have taken up bird-watching. Hopefully, that’s as far as they will take it.

IMG_2605 (2).JPG

Mr and Mrs Sunbird begin work on the new house.



Mrs. S flying away for more material-bits of spider web, feathers, grass, leaves…


As of today, the little porch overhang seems to be finished and they’re working on lining.

Yes, I have lost some time to watching them! But I must get on with some work of my own…

I’ve bought a press! Quite compact. In fact, I have bigger hand bags! But it will be ideal for my restricted work-space.IMG_2587.JPG

It is a machine designed for die-cutting;probably geared towards people who like to make their own greeting cards. But a couple of professional printmakers trialled it as a printing press, liked its performance and posted their results on-line. Blimey! They should get commission – I think the local stores have sold out and I know printmakers overseas have been buying the Xpress.

So why do I not have any samples to show? Too busy watching birds and spiders! Also need to clean old plates and cut new ones and mix new shellac. But I will share my results.

Did I say “spiders”? Yes, I did. Having “lost” 3 to bird dinners, I was chuffed to find another good-sized Nephila pilipes . And a young (quite small) one had the temerity to make a web from the front of the Mustang to the house supports! The Man needed to move the car so I had to move the spider. I carried her across to a part of the garden where others have had webs and at last sight she was in the big cycad.


I’ll leave you with one more picture from the garden…IMG_2625.JPG

A small chrysalis. Nope, don’t know whose.If it goes to term I’ll let you know.(I’ll also manually remove that  white mess. Damned scale!)


I wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Not Christian? Never mind, I still wish you health, happiness and a much, much better year than this has been.Wherever you are, whatever you believe, may it not lead to bloodshed.





Or perhaps it’s been more than a week? Time slips by and I can’t always remember where I am supposed to be on the map of whatever month it is.

Oh well…I have some photos of that road roller print exhibition I went to see. I do know several printmakers who have used heavy machinery to print images, but I believe this a first locally.

The artists  “mixed it up” a little, using lino, wood-cut and collograph as their media.IMG_2571.JPG



And the artists, wearing their roller-printed T shirts.Yes, that’s the machine they used.

I was having a conversation, cyber-style, the other day about baking for Christmas festivities. Something I used to do, but have not done for years..

When I lived in London I used to bake mince pies to take in to share at work Of course, when it’s dark and snowy one feels more inclined to spend time at a hot oven! Here, in 30+Celsius? Not so much.

But going in to work one night with a basket smelling  like a distillery (my mince pies and fruit cakes were always liberally laced with whiskey or rum!) the woman next to me on the bus sniffed appreciatively. I opened the linen wrap and offered her one. She wanted to know if there were any vacancies at my work!

At that time I wore a dark red corduroy coat with a hood and colleagues took to calling me Little Red Riding Hood. A bit like thisIMG_0498.JPG

Perhaps I’ll make a tray of mince pies this year…

But I will NOT wear a coat with a hood!






It’s that time of year when some of us race around, buying gifts for others (and sometimes for ourselves. ahem.) and cooking mountains of food and draping our homes in glittery tinsel and prickly holly swags.

Of course, those of us anywhere south of Cancer must factor in the likelihood of storms…so we tend toward the more practical.

With fans whirring and all windows open most dangling things very quickly land on the floor. So the token “Christmassy decor” is what you see on the header. There are some strings of small gold (yes, of course 24k!) bells wound around curtain poles and some more swinging from  the pole finials.

And there will not be mountains of food or we’d end up with a mountain of moi.And moi is struggling already with her mountain. But there will be a prawn supper for 2 members of the menage. One of us is allergic and one of us thinks prawns are “kaka.”

Very low-key. But we have some flowers!

Top l to r.Frangipani, Hibiscus, Cassia

Bottom.Left. Antiginon;  

Right.Tree,Picea glauca; Rose, “Abraham Darby” and daft bit of whimsy because Sporran likes fevvers.

I wish all of you happiness and love and the courage to meet challenges.And perhaps, even if you’ve been a wee bit naughty, a little something extra in your stocking.

Merry Christmas to all!




I’m not the busiest woman at this frenetic time, so I shan’t bang on about how I’ve been so busy I haven’t sent  any cards yet…

I am going to be busy. Very busy. On Saturday night the long-awaited rain arrived. From, apparently, one of those monsoon buckets they use in bushfires. About midnight, a Niagara roar woke me and by the time I’d stumbled around closing windows and doors…the rain had stopped.

But it started again at 3am, a nice steady drizzle, soaking into the soil. Mmmm…a lullaby to those of us who need it.

And it hasn’t stopped since! So we might be able to get some of the heavier work done in the garden while The Man is at home.After the Christmas break he’ll be off to the mines again.

So I’ll leave you with a small amusement…the very cheerful young lad on the check-out  at the supermarket said to the woman ahead of me:


The lady was wearing traditional Muslim garb!

The cats have posted their own decoration (which they cribbed!) and here is my greeting to all of you, wherever you are and however you celebrate.I wish all of you good health,happiness and good times in the year ahead.








Up with the flatulent sparrows to bake cookies and baste turkeys? No. Been there, done that, don’t even need a T shirt to prove it.

But for all the traditionalists who want the festive frippery…I give you a summery look …

In this part of the world, nothing says “summer” quite like the poincianas, their canopies ablaze for weeks on end.

What’s that you say? Don’t I have a “proper” Christmas tree? Why, yes, I do.

All down to my Man’s ingenuity. The “tree” is a spent seed branch from a palm. Add some flashing ear rings (yes!) and gold bells-on-chains and a star and you have a tastefully decorated tree.    great cat toy. sigh…

Still not traditional enough, huh? Let’s see… Bing Crosby? Definitely not! A creepy fat guy in red satin jim-jams calling out to ladies of an ancient trade? Don’t think so. Maybe this….?

Or this…?

                                              “I’b dot Rudolf! I’b god a cod!”

Whatever your pleasures, I hope you enjoy yourselves.  I’ll probably celebrate with one of my family traditions, the Tom Lehrer carol. And, on the very remote chance that Wes Baillie may happen upon this post…it’s all your fault, Wes! And I thank you, most sincerely.

post script…as WordPress published this they added a little quote in my sidebar:

“I am a drinker with writing problems.”

A hard-drinkin’ Oirishman, if you want to know. Brendan Behan. Which reminds me…La Cave needs restocking!



“Helping” and trying to catch the cursor was tiring. A nap was called for. Their “pillow” is my well-thumbed copy of the Douglas Adams & John Lloyd gem,“The Greater Meaning of Liff.” It’s an expanded edition of “The Meaning of Liff” and if you have not read it I suggest you hit your local Barnes & Noble, W.H.Smith, Whitcoull or whatever emporium sells good books. If you don’t, much of what I write will be somewhat Dalderby.( No, I’m not going to give you an asterisked explanation on the end of the post! Buy the book!)

Cat o’ two tails?

Yes, they do now venture out into the garden. And under the fence. And down the drive. Not too bad if I have help, but on my own…


I’m taking advantage of that cliche, the window of opportunity…

I hope you all had/are having a happy time? Chez Dinahmow, that jolly old man in the red jammies brought us a wonderful gift: RAIN! Now, to those of you in places like Seattle and Vancouver, this may not seem very gifty.And there are folk a few hundred kms from me who will be ready to strangle me, but when you are going through a drought in the coastal tropics…well, thanks, Santa!

And someone else is noisily gtrateful,too.

I was going to show you a pretty picture of our Christmas tree.

It has…no! it HAD fibreoptic lights which changedcolour; a truly beautiful epilepsy-triggering effect. The instructions stated that it should not be switched on for longer than 16 hours continuously. Trouble is, after a mere non-continuous TWO hours its (probably expensive!) Halogen bulb died!

Feeble excuse for not having a picture of it? Okay, I have a better excuse… Sporran’s ability to jump onto the counter where the tree stood. That’s the same counter which houses the coffee-maker, the dish rack, the stove top, the toaster, the trayful-of-car-keys-pens-bills-rubber-bands-paper-clips-and-other-stuff-the-housekeeper-

I knew it would not be long before the kittens raised their bar, in a manner of speaking, but I did hope to get through the holiday jump-free.


Some of you have probably been sent the usual flurry of theme-memes. It gets a bit ho-hum after a while, doesn’t it? But here is someone whose wit avoids the trite. Go on! Pop across and have a chuckle.



Your festivities weren’t festive enough? You’re craving a little action to whittle that waistline?
Well, you could always sign-on with the power company for a high-powered position! And if that has the same effect on your knees as it did on mine (and I was sitting down!) maybe you’d rather try your hand at the ancient and noble sport of archery. The Wiltshire Witch has mentioned that she’s not too dusty with a bow and arrow and I have been known to hit the hay bale once or twice. But I doubt either of us (certainly not me!) would split hairs in this argument!


I may be absent from my post for a few days…the Met.Man is keeping a close eye on a low pressure system in the Coral Sea. “They” say it is unlikely to become cyclonic, but our power went off last night ( it was after 6am before I could make a decent cup of coffee! ) and the weather, though showery, was perfectly calm. Go figure!

See? Told you I wouldn’t explain the meaning of Dalderby! Na-na-na-na-na-na!


dinahmow's photos

More of dinahmow’s photos



for blogging friends near and far.

I may not get back to the blog for a few days so I give you this.

In no pArticular order.

Many of you say you feel tied to your desks/easels/schedules. So, please, Tara, Andrea,Vivien, Jana,Celia and anyone else who is under pressure of deadlines, help yourselves to more time…

(Just save a little for me!)

And some of you would dearly love to be served gourmet food, particularly if you had a chef to prepare it! Note that I have not left out the non-carnivores.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a “short slurp. ” ( And if you ever watched “The Galloping Gourmet” you’ll know where I picked up that expression!)

However, I’d expect you all to get into the spirit and help with harvest…

And don’t worry, Ziggi, I have enough glasses!

For the beer drinkers a selection…

And sufficient of the “hard stuff.”

Did I hear a volunteer to clean the tub?

True-blue Aussies will recognise this
(as will those whose Rugby teams suffered at our hands!)

I hope there’ll be some left for Hogmanay!

… and for everyone, a prayer!

For the bookaholics…

You need an endless supply of crayons, paint, papers
and other art food?

This looks about right for someone!

And I can imagine what someone else
might do with this! LOL!

Lots of decadent nibbles….

…from nuts, chocolate ladies , candy canes

gingerbread snowmen, real puddings to mincemeat pies

For anyone snowbound and miserable, I would love you to have some of this…

and this

and I might even throw in some of this

The “Wrecking Crew” would like to contribute, too…

so, for blogging critters…

For those in the wintry zone, I hope these will be sufficient.

But if not, maybe one of these?

and this is for the rest of us!

What can I add, but my warmest wishes to all of you and my hope that the coming year will see good and happy times for all.

dinahmow's photos

More of dinahmow’s photos

And if you’d like to see some of the questionable results from my picture search, just try Googling for images of, for instance ,”brandy” or “nuts.” (Best to wait til the toddle-bods are not around!)