…I made a carrot cake with these beauties, would it be purple?

Yes, these are purple carrots. Aren’t they just gorgeous? If you’d been around a few hundred (or thousand!) years  ago they’d have been common. The orange colour was only introduced, from a natural mutation, by Dutch breeders/ growers relatively recently. A popular story has it that a zealous Dutchman, hoping to curry favour with the House of Orange, developed the orange carrot. The Carrot Museum (yes, there is a carrot museum!) has some interesting facts.

Purple or orange, I love carrots. *

Just when we thought we’d skipped our Big Wet…

Torrential rain made the drive to work “interesting.” Lots of drivers taking risks. Not a policeman in sight. ** And My Man couldn’t travel out West, as scheduled, because roads were closed. In some places, serious flooding. Yes, some of the places still reeling from the 2011 floods.

I have been clearing rain pits here and next door. I’ve given up on trying to clear water from the carport. The sun and the breeze can do it. I’m flat-out dealing with laundry!

Oh! As if floods were not bad enough, we have the State Election on Saturday. It rather looks as though the Labour Party will lose. In a landslide. In this weather, I’d say “mudslide” might be the word!

I have a printing day tomorrow so I’m off to sort some inks.


*If Afghanis make a powerful alcoholic brew from carrots, maybe that’s why the West is hell-bent on staying there? Carrot-based rocket fuel? Hmm…

**This afternoon, in brilliant sunshine, a few metres from the end of my street, with sod-all traffic, Mr. Plod had stopped someone.


But, if you wish hard enough…


So far, it’s all good, but I’m prepared to lay a sizable chunk of the housekeeping money on some folks in town looking nervously at the puddles!

And already there are roads underwater  and rivers over roads in some inland areas. And you should see the happy grins out there!

See full size image


Of course, had that cyclone crossed a more populated stretch of the coastline there’d have been much worse damage.

To put this in perspective for some who don’t know our geography –

Imagine, say, parts of Oklahoma battling raging fires while Florida battens down for a cyclone (I think they say “hurricane”).

Now imagine the cyclone crossing the coast, weakening to a severe rain depression and heading towards Oklahoma. That rain would be OK in OK.

But spare a thought for the southern part of West Australia which is ablaze.


And now, a little self-survey. Your responses will not be shared with marketing companies, but I would like you to answer honestly.

during the Christmas break did you:

a   eat as you usually do

b   eat “special” meals

c   eat more meals per day than usual

d   prepare all meals yourself

e   eat whatever anyone else prepared

f    eat at home (yours or another’s)

g   eat at restaurants

h   gain (or lose) significant weight

And , since I’m sticking it to you, I’ll tell you my answers!

a   no

b   yes, but only one

c   yes

d   yes

e   see above

f   at home

g   no

h  hoo boy! See you at the Weigh-in?

And the tragic thing is that it was all such good food. None of that burger trash, no TV dinners-on-a-foil-tray, nothing so full of additives I’d need Ritalin*.

Hell! I even cooked some meals! That’s “cooked” as in not raw. In this climate we pretty much live on salads, but I did serve a couple of “hot” dishes. I even made that gnocchi that Marie swears is as easy as it is delicious. I’ll go along with the delicious, but easy…we..e.ell, not so much! I think the heat and humidity were its undoing; the gnocchi just wouldn’t hold their shape, despite having been locked in the fridge for a couple of hours.  I’ll make some adjustments and get back to you…

But I  was not chained to the stove, sweating into the gravy.  And, for the record, I haven’t made gravy for years! I did not eat cheesecake, ice cream, candy. No, I ate as I usually do. Just more often.

So how in the name of Escoffier did  my waistline disappear?

Back to the hamster wheel…

*Ritalin is the drug commonly used to treat Attention Defficit Disorder.


I’m hitting my “replay” button today. My blog, my button!

This is from an email exchange, earlier this morning, with a friend who was asking how things are on my side of the world…

I wrote

Yes, when we (ie, everyone) step back from our troubles and look at them on the broader scale…

But right now, that’s pretty hard for me. We had a torrential downpour at tea time last night. The Man was just out of the shower and we were about to have a small glass of Chardonnay and a nibble of cheese before dinner. Man! It rained. I went to the back door and saw a mini-Niagara pouring under the back fence and rooster-tailing over the patio. I think I exhausted all my multi-tongue expletives!

The Man  grabbed a rake and hung over the fence clearing the back neighbour’s drain and I did my best clearing the 3 rain traps along the back and shouting rude words at the other back neighbour (who would not have heard above the noise). Did what we could, slowed it down to a mild deluge and had dinner.

I slept fitfully, constantly alert in case we had to go again.

This morning…water everywhere, of course. This is normal. But The Man had  Mustang parts all over the floor of the basement workshop. 2″ of dirty water are not the best treatment, so we’ve been picking up, mopping up and drying up.

To add to this, we disturbed our

resident possum, who scrambled out from his sleeping alcove (behind the  wall) and sat, watching, unsure whether to make a run for it or sit tight. And then Geiger paddled in, spotted Poss and decided she’d like to make his acquaintance. I’m up to my oxters in dirty, swirling water and about to become the meat in that sandwich.Hoo-boy!

Yes, when we step back from the immediate short-range focus…


This morning’s the first time Geiger has seen Poss up close. Sometimes, the cats watch through the window as Poss heads out on his nightly jaunts. It’s also the first close look I’ve had of this fellow. A young male, he’ll be making his own way in the world, having to fight for, and hold onto, territory and females. Mind you, the mating fights are just that; these guys do their thing and shoot through. No happy-families bonding in possum land!


I really must put the New York Times back in my reading list.(the list was muddled after the last trip to the computer hospital.)

You see, not being a reader of the local daily papers, whose appalling journalistic cock-ups do nothing good for my temperament, I miss a lot of stuff that is “newsworthy” from my viewpoint, if not seen that way by local editors.

So I didn’t know til I read m’s blog this morning that Blossom Dearie had died.

I met her during one of her London trips, back in the 60s. We’d usually have a chat and a coffee whenever she was in town, but then I changed jobs, went abroad, lost touch, in the way so many of us do.

Still, I have fond memories of her. If you’ve never heard her “Bruce” go out now and get it!                                                                                                                         “See you after the show, Blossom!”


Now…the basement puddle has re-puddled so I’d better use my broom for its non-transport purpose…

Have a look at these lighthouses. Couldn’t you just see yourself in one of these? Of course, the romantic in me thinks it’d be fun to live there, but it wouldn’t be long before I got tree-twitchy and had to go ashore!Still, they do have a charm…