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…when the thermometer climbs above 30.

The cats have already hi-jacked  helped me out with Jane’s “flowers in the house.” And I had a coffee break and looked at some of the other floral delights on her blog. Well, I felt  a bit deflated, didn’t  I? So I admit I stole  borrowed Deb’s clever idea and snipped some sprigs of rosemary. But what to put with them? Hmm…something I have never tried before so have no idea how long before the Cape Primrose drops its petals, but here it is, with some white Penstemon.

2013-10-21 05.55.06


And one of the ginger-y  Tapeinochilos which hangs over the pathway was snapped so I trimmed it back and added a stem of shell ginger (that’s a current menace at the back gate as it’s crawling with green ants-ouch!)

2013-10-21 05.56.08


A very paltry contribution, Jane, but things are grim just now. Also, I’m cutting back a lot so that the tree chaps can get in to remove the trees.

And yesterday, I had a little surprise in my mail box – another book in the BookArtObject exchange. I think this completes my group swaps, but, to be honest, we’ve been going for so long on this round I’m really not sure! But here’s a peek …

2013-10-21 05.58.13 2013-10-21 05.58.36


And that’s all for now, folks.* I still have some palm trash to drag away from the back pergola and I think making pastry before my hands get bloody and grubby is a good idea, don’t you!



*was it Bugs Bunny who said that?



I started to write that as the post title and I wondered where it had originated. I assumed England, shortly after the introduction of railway travel.But I thought I’d asked that font of knowledge. Yes, that one, up there in the ether. And I find it owes much to American politics.

Actually, I’ve had a gutful of politics from all quarters, but can’t be bothered changing the title completely. Here’s what I gleaned from my dip into the font :

So, it’s a whistle-stop in that I’m just stopping long enough to post something. Mainly because Jane, over at Small But Charming, is holding  another ” flowers in the house ” as a tribute and a gesture of empathy for Bostonians.

I just happened to have some flowers in a vase as part of an observation. I’ve posted elsewhere about the Hibiscus mutabilis, whose blooms change throughout the day from white to pink. I’ve never used them as cut flowers, but on Friday I picked a fresh bloom and brought it indoors to see what it would do. I took pictures over a 12 hour period, beginning at about 7am. No, of course it’s not a precise scientific record!


11am Friday

2pm Friday

4pm friday

after 6pm Friday

It does exactly as it does when on the tree!What I did learn, however, is that unfurled buds do not open in a vase. So, as it’s a multiflora type thing there will be no more indoors. Why sacrifice 5 or 6 buds? I have more flower pictures on Flickr as most blooms wilt too quickly indoors. And I really prefer to leave them in the garden for birds and insects.  and, for anyone confused by its common names, Rose of Sharon and Confederate Ros,here’s a link to the other Rose of Sharon!



Not only have  I been hampered by the weather I have been side-lined by back injury. As it turns out, not as dramatic as first thought, but it’s certainly slowed my progress.

So I’m a tad late with posting these pictures. What are you going to do? Sue me? Don’t bother – I’ve spent all my money!* hahaha!

Pi has been in the news lately. That film “Life of Pi” scooped some well-earned plaudits in Hollywood. And Pi is also a mathematical constant.

A few years ago someone decreed March 14th International Pi Day and mathematicians, cooks, book artists and  well, anyone, really, celebrate the day. I always say I’ll make a pie for Pi. And I always forget!

But not this year! To celebrate the day and to perpetuate a silly running joke Chez Dinahmow, I made this…

Pie are square 1A square pie, with the TT symbol on the lid.Filled with apple and apricot and very tasty, according to The Man. And the joke? Little boy comes home from school and says his teacher don’ know nuffink. “She told us pie are square an’ we all know CAKE are square an’ PIE are round!”

Moving on…I think I’ll just make it for Jane’s  Monday Flowers In The House.

Apricot NectarThe beautiful old rose, “Apricot Nectar.” Plagued by grasshoppers and, recently, battered by storms, I was delighted to see one new bud swelling. And then the birds zoomed in, chasing bugs and snapped the stem. I waded in with secateurs and performed a mid-season pruning.The wind eased, the rain worked its wonders and the rose put out three more buds. The grasshoppers, meanwhile, had had their own reproduction orgy. So I picked the remaining bud and here it is. Want to see what else people have in their vases? Pop over to Jane’s blog

Those of you with sharp eyes  and good memories will see that the vase is on top of my mini-piano. Only for the photo shoot!

Good grief! I didn’t realise the time had flown. It’s Wine O’Clock. Time for fizzyotherapy.   Salut!   🙂

*Most of it on medical bills!



Not good! But if “idling” means the motor is running, that’s better than nothing, right? And I can’t do much until my paper dries.

So…I’m messing about in here. Yes, that is the right verb. A lightbulb blew. Blew right out of the socket. Made a bit of a mess. And I made this…

This is Buggi.

We continue to work on the strip of garden with our like-minded neighbour. I have two Malaysian stool palms in pots and I moved them to the shady area by the fence. Personally, I feel very sorry for the Malaysian!

When I googled to confirm the name (a year ago it was reclassified from Livistona rotundifolia to the Saribus genus.) I found it is called the foot stool plant. Oh.

The nights are still comfortably cool, but the daytime mercury is climbing. The shell gingers are flowering and the torches will not be far behind them. I brought a stem indoors…


…and added some Petrea. Which promptly twisted sideways.

I also brought in a snapped hippeastrum stem . I think two black cats may know something about that! They are five years old today. Seems like yesterday….

I’d like to have flowers indoors more often, but they wilt so quickly in the heat and when the ceiling fans are on things in tall vases are prone to tipping over!

But, since I do have “flowers in the house” today, I thought I’d join Jane’s floral dance.

Now, back to work,woman!






Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to maintain a blog!

But that’s probably a subject for a day when I have more “spare” time! Seriously, I admire the people who have a full-time job, a family, hobbies AND a regularly-maintained blog.

I’ve been racing about all over the place, doing all manner of stuff this week while the sun shone as only a Queensland sun can shine in winter. Ideal for a little solar printing, yes?

Well, guess what? Today it’s drizzling. Bugger! I only need a couple of minutes exposure time. C’mon! Give a girl a chance!

I’m off to the library today to retrieve my books from the display case. Not sure how much (if any!) interest there has been in the collection. Certainly, while I was there and prepared to do a show-and-tell, people just ambled past, barely glancing at the books.

Driving  to work this morning, a cute little MG pulled into the traffic ahead. “Catch up!” I said to my Jarvey as I fished the Powershot from my bag. Hooray for red lights! (oops! that’s left me open to cheeky banter!) I managed one non-blurry shot just as the light went green.

Have I mentioned my fondness for cars like this! 🙂

A little further down the highway we started passing huge power boats, being driven, strangely, away from the sea. I suppose they’ll be on display at the premises of their various corporate sponsors until launch time.

And since The Man’s office is at the Marina and the car park has been cordoned-off, it’s a bit of a route march to get from wherever we can park to the office.

Photo from website of

I’ve changed my header again! Seems I find time to monkey about up there, but not to actually write stuff! The current pic is of the once magnificent Cassia javanica next door. I’m glad I have this photo as a reminder.

Let’s have another mystery picture, shall we? NO?  Did I hear a nay-sayer? My blog, my rules!

What’s this?

Answers on a postcard      in the comments , please.

Off to the purveyor of comestibles now…





… still in the hat! Haha! You thought I was going to tell you in the opening sentence, did you? You should know me better than that, gang!

I’m going to make you read the whole post first. (once we get these sound bytes sorted you will hear  evil  laughter here mwahaha!)

And, because I can, I’ve decided to have another little mystery pic.

No prizes, but please tell me what you think it is. As Max Boyce says: be specific.

OH, damn! I shouldn’t have mentioned Max! I mean, I’m not unhappy with the World Cup result, but I did have a lot of faith and my past resting on Wales. Ah, well, there’s always next time, isn’t it. Cymru am bydd!

The talk this week is all of cups. The Race That Stops A Nation is tomorrow. Melbourne’s going to be full of private aeroplanes and choppers! Qantas* birds? Not so much!    update, Sunday: Fair Work Australia has decreed that Qantas must get  airborne again. Now!

And cartoonists had some fun with that shamefully over-indulgent talk fest in Perth. I had a bit of cartooning fun myself. No, not putting that on the blog. Mrs Queen might sue me. 🙂 Seriously, isn’t it time the old colonies grew up and just settled for sending Mummy a card on her birthday!

Friday was a painful day Chez Dinahmow. I had some burly chaps with seriously big tools in to remove some trees. Sad to see them go, but they were far too big(and potentially dangerous after losing some limbs in storms) for a small yard.

                                                                                                                          Dangley bits.

                                                                                            One of the “offenders.” 

                                                                                                  The Muncher

The cats, of course, scarpered as soon as they heard the trucks. They did come out of hiding afterwards for a brief sniff around. But, being savvy girls, they didn’t stay long – too many green ants! I had to chuckle at the chap feeding branches into the muncher – he looked like one of those Tyrolean schuehplatterl dancers! By next day, most of the ants had gone. Re-grouped in another tree no doubt.

A friend sent me an amusing email, which I’ve shared with some of you. But damn! it’s too good not to put up here:

I don’t know WHY I didn’t figure this out before !!!!! 
I wash my hair in the shower and the shampoo runs down over my whole body. 
Printed very clearly on the label is the following warning: 

No WONDER I have been gaining weight!!! 
Well, I have gotten rid of that shampoo and I am going to start using Fairy Dish Washing Liquid instead.

Its label reads, 

Problem solved!       If I don’t answer the phone . .. . I’ll be in the shower! 

                            And now (insert drum roll sound)….the winners!

ZIGGI    first out of the hat (which was actually a waste paper basket, but it was quicker to type “hat” and, besides, hats are traditional, right?)

ELEPHANT’S CHILD  drawn second.

I’m delighted ! Ziggi was among my very first readers and we almost know each other. Her daughter and friends visited us  while on their fabulous World Tour. She’s not blogging these days (cut the girl some slack – England didn’t win the Rugby!), but she was a very funny little witch back in the day.UPDATE: Ziggi has revamped her blog here

And I’m happy to see a print go to Elephant’s Child, who has more than most of us on her plate.

Now, if you ladies would like to email me   and tell me your postal addresses I’ll take a packed lunch and join the Post Office queue. Ziggi, being first draw, has first choice.

Thankyou all for playing along. And I’m sorry you couldn’t all win.

* Ever since Warren Mitchell did those adverts, years ago, I’ve always thought of it as “quaint arse.”




Yesterday, I jumped to the top of a closet, chased the dust bunnies that live up there, then leapt down and scampered away.The bipeds were impressed that I didn’t limp. (Bipeds are easily amused and impressed.)

2008_1124sporran0002Here, I demonstrate my flexibility, using the broken leg to scratch. See that mop? Well, it annoyed me, so I attacked it. I won!

It can get pretty noisy around here, what with those stupid dogs next door and children yelling. But the other night, we heard a different noise. Lots of popping and loud bangs.Man! Our ears were twitchin’ fierce. Dinah grabbed her camera and ran outside.


For this???

Apparently, it’s called fireworks and there was rather a lot of it, down at the beach. We thought it was hardly worth the bother!

Dinah says I can finish this later;she wants to go somewhere to look at paintings…


Well, Sporran has wandered off so I might as well add my bit.

Spent an enjoyable day yesterday, cruising around in my air-conditioned car with a friend and taking in some near-local art shows.

One was a little less “local” than intended – we took a wrong turn and had to drive a fair distance up the steep range before I found somewhere to turn ’round. Oh well…it was an interesting “extra!”

OK…all you folks in the Arctic zone might want to skip this…

You’ll notice I highlighted  the bit about my air-conditioned car? Well, believe me, if I did not have that facility I would not have ventured out yesterday. The official reading was 31 deg Celsius, but inland (where we were) it must have been several degrees higher. And with a seering northerly. Have I mentioned that I do not like high temperatures?


This tangle of vines on a palm in front of the living room obscures my view of…


…this. Cassia fistula

2008_1118pbankxmas0024Ahh! But when all those buds open … The poor tree is somewhat misshapen as the huge Royal Palm fronds  “lean” on its branches when they drop. And at around 15 to 20 feet from the ground and weighing a lot more than moi…moi is not inclined to scramble up a wobbly ladder to remove them.

This Adenium obesum rewarded me with flowers this year, after sulking last year when something with BIG CLUMSY FEET flattened it.


Locals call it “Desert Rose.” Another case of confusing common nomenclature as I know Desert Roses as that crystal structure you find in…well, in deserts.

This is a web picture of a Saharan “desert rose.”

Actually, that’s gypsum and if my shaky third form chemistry holds up, I think it’s something like this: Ca SO4 2H2O. But wiki might be more accurate!

My white one has sisters in red and pink.

UPDATE 24 hours later… the flowers were stripped by the hot, fierce wind that has not abated for 3 days… don’t even ask what this did to the lettuces!

I still have those dust bunnies to deal with