I’ve just noticed that this blog seems to have become a monthly publication. Not sure whether that elevates it to a rather grand literary status or whether I’m just a slack writer.

But let’s not argue the toss. I went to an orchid show today and have a few pictures to share…in no particular order and , annoyingly, mostly not named.

The womon selling cut stems of this said it’s a “tiger orchid.” But when I googled for more information, its leaves look different.

UPDATE: After trawling through books and websites I am convinced it’s an Epidendrum, but I have no further info. 


Here’s the stem I bought, with  alternate leaves and robust aerial roots (balancing in a bucket in the laundry.)


I may have mentioned that I love the swamp orchids and have a small plant which is yet to reach flowering stage. I think I should have taken it with me today, to encourage it!

A small selection of Phaius sp


Phaius alba  It opens a pure white and yellows as it ages.


Those were on a sales table; inside the Orchid House were more, in colours I’d not seen (mind you, I don’t know much about the orchid tribe and have a lot of “homework” to do!)

Isn’t this gorgeous!


…and this


…and this.


On to a Dendrobium (It had a tag reading “Samurai”)


Another nameless one…



I apologise for there being few names, but I’m hoping to go back in a day or so and will try to read the labels. Today I was mostly dodging prams and grannies!

Leaving orchids for the moment…

I had to take my car in for service the other day and I met a friend while the mechanic did the work. We wandered through a new new-ish art supplies store, had  a lovely lunch and saw a cushion. Twice. And the second time it “spoke” to me…IMG_0189_1.JPG

….    gave me a goofy look and said: “c’mon, you know you want me!”


So I bought him.