Actually, by definition, shouldn’t “turf” involve green stuff, like grass? Hmm…not very green around here!

However, all will change when the rainy season kicks in . Since coming home I’ve trimmed, weeded and ripped out rather a lot of what I thought of as my garden. And still have much to do!

But it can wait…if I have any readers left I should make an effort and post something,right?

From start to finish, my Vancouver jaunt was fantastic.Yes, even the long hours in a skinny metal tube. Having a window seat (and a small camera in my pocket) was helpful!

Mt.Hood, from 30+ thousand feet. 

Mt. Hood   IMG_4092

Crater Lake which our captain told us is the second largest lake in North America.

Crater Lake  IMG_4093

Interesting places, yes, but I was heading North to meet a long-time blog friend, Andrea. What can I say? Quite a lot, but mere words don’t always express feelings, do they?

We managed to pack in quite a lot over the 10 days. After  catching up with old friends in North Vancouver, and meeting a new friend,Sonya, in New Westminster (where something must have tickled our funny bones!)  Di ande Sonya (1)


we drove East to meet Ellen, who took us to a place I can only call a treasury of rusty old things! I have never seen so many wacky and wonderful collections. Old typewriters, trays of metal type, sewing machines, farming machinery,baby carriages and perhaps the pick of the crop, old electric hair curlers.Yes, really!

curling apparatus


Another day, we took a ferry across to Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, to meet another photography blogger. Diane drove us to several local “top spots” and the cameras all got a good work-out. And for lunch? We ate the best fish-and-chips I’ve tasted in a long time. No pictures, though – we were all intent on  eating!

On the ferry ride back to Tswassen I got a lucky click…


And then Linda and her lovely daughters hit town, after first doing a little exploring in the Rockies. So much laughing, talking and general jollity…the trip we tried to put together last year, to visit Linda in England, didn’t happen so this blog-meet was extra-special.

Andrea,Linda,Kirsty and Freya. (In Stanley Park, looking West, with a bit of Lions Gate Bridge passing through the ears of Freya,Kirsty and Linda.)

Andrea, Linda,Kirsty,Freya.Stanley Park

I fell in love with Vancouver on my first visit. I am still in love.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this trip so much fun. In fact, such fun, I think we should do it again…any takers?


Today (on my side of the IDL, that is) is Leap Day. February 29, 2012.

If you have the sort of brain that can cope with the confusing calculations of adjusting calendars, just toddle over to Wiki and type in Leap Year.

A day when a lady might, according to tradition, propose marriage to a gentleman. Now, should this proposal not be accepted, tradition dictated he pay some sort of forfeit. In some cultures he would be fined or have to buy the lady a gown or the fabric to have one made.

I grew up with the story that the man must buy the rejected lady a pair of gloves.* I happened to mention this the other night to my Main Man who suggested the best gloves , in that case, would be the boxers’ kind!


Odd that my Danish kin didn’t tell me it’s 12 pairs of gloves in Denmark. Eleven pairs probably suffered the same fate as the language at 12,000 miles remove. 🙂



Around the traps, I hear mutterings (and worse!) about Blogger’s new word capcha. But help is at hand for those of you on the Blogspot platform!

My friend, Marie, has posted instructions for turning off the silly thing. Another option would be to jump ship and come to WordPress! 😉

Not much to say  just now. Much, oh! very much! to think about…I’ll have more to say  on my thinkings another day.

But for now, here’s a question: what does this sign mean?

Does it indicate that a man is shovelling shingle? Filling some of the hundreds of potholes, perhaps? Is he an avid composter, collecting the leavings of the local pony club nags? We have Council elections coming up soon;maybe he’s suggesting that some candidates are muck-rakers?

Cogitate and I’ll post the answer tomorrow…