…and a query. Yesterday, I noticed flowers on a tree that has never flowered til now though it’s somewhere in the region of 4metres tall! And I have NO IDEA what it is. All I can guess is that it is,like so many of the plants in this jungle, from a seed dispersed in bird, bat or possum poo.


There are dozens of flowers and only one that i could see with 5 petals.The leaves are stiff and glossy. It may be a native, but so far I’m flummoxed. Mind you, most of my books are packed away! So…anyone out there care to take a stab at it? Google’s “images” suggested Tibouchina, to which I said Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra. So, have at it, folks. Jon, I’m counting on you! STOP PRESS I think it could be a Surinam Cherry, Pitanga! I do have one in the same area, but it’s most definitely shrub-sized. Wiki tells me this

Here’s a shot of the YlangYlang (Canangra odorata) flowers above the front stairs. I bent over backwards for this so please don’t say it’s “hard to see.”The topmost branches of this giant were scheduled to be lopped, but it’s been given a reprieve…And, oh my goodness! I’m on a roll now! In response to Jon’s comment about ylang ylang scent, I found this when I googled the making of the scent


And the un-named cactus that was such a stalwart a few months ago has produced more, though smaller, flowers.


Another “mystery” to me. I am not familiar with native fungi. At least, not to the point of knowing FOR SURE which are edible! So these have remained where they grow. Bad enough that a dodgy prawn put an end to crustacea, I’d hate to lose my mushies, too!

And, just for a giggle, here’s another of my orchids. It’s been hanging on this, the mystery tree, for years and years, never out of flower and a lovely bright spot of colour on dull days!

I’m still spitting cuss words at the way WP boffins have messed with what used to be so simple. And, frankly, I’m tired. And I don’t have much more to add so I might try to get some other work done, maybe even pull a few bad weeds now that the rain has eased. Yes, some weeds I do consider bad, but most are good for something!


I do wish WordPress would stop fiddling! Nothing seems to be where it was. OK, it’s been a day or several since I was here, but I don’t know where things are!

I did have a few paragraphs written and intended to come back and add some photos…and everything’s gone.I got an error message about invalid content or somesuch.

Let’s try adding a photo. Just one, in case the gremlins gobble another page!

Well, that worked! Yes, it’s a tomato. Actually, several tomatoes. And worth photographing as it’s the first ripe tomato since Adam was in short trousers, thanks to possums and grasshoppers. grrrr! I’m hopeful of several more, now that we seem to have reached our wet season.

It feels good to be able to do an hour or so of weeding and pruning after nearly a year of enforced laziness. I reduced the runaway Antigonon to a huge heap of withering leaf-and-stem. Got to it before it reached the roof!

And this, you may recall, is the sweet little “Pigeon ” orchid. When the rain started I counted some 10 or so buds and after a day and a night of soaking rain…

I also found a “stray” Zephyranthes in what we laughingly call “lawn.”

Oh! FFS! I do not have the time to stop-and-start this nonsense! Sorry, folks. I have dinner to attend to. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find time to sort out this god-awful system.

For now, this is where I take what’s left of my sanity. The Zephyranthes is the pink thing!


Some of us, well, maybe most of us, are feeling a little glum, what with miserable weather and lock-downs in Northern parts and scary fires and floods on my side of the world. And that’s without even mentioning the bloody plague!

But I suggested to our friend in Merkle-land that what’s needed to cheer us all is a Blog Party! Like in the old days, before people became welded to their phones or wandered off to play on Farcebook and Instaglam.

So, I’m kicking off the 2020 Blog Party. Just think of some gifts your blog friends might be happy to receive, have a wander ’round the interweb for images and post said images on your own blogs, with a link in comments here so we can all have a giggle. Or whatever.No expenditure of the Queens coin. Just fun.

Oh! And, should the Ghost of Christmasses Past pop up asking “did I win yet?” just tell him kindly that there is no prize, pour him a small sherry and let him go.

Now, I’m off to see what the WonderWeb has on offer.

First up, because I’ve been sashaying around, whistling golden oldies, I thought Jon might like this(although, he probably already has it!)

Over in Costa Rica and unable to venture far, I thought this might hit the spot for

What would our groyne-and-shag-obsessed chum in Norfolk like to find in his stocking. Well, don’t be silly –that wouldn’t fit in a stocking! Perhaps something like

He might like to share that with Scarlet. But I’d hate to start a fight so let’s see what she might like…I know she’s rather fond of old things (she’s friends with me, after all!) so maybe

Elephant’s Child. like myself, is uncomfortable in Aussie heatwaves so perhaps this might be to her taste antarctica from the air

Mago, who gave me the idea to throw a party here, might like some Bix

I’m pretty sure Daisyfae would be a starter for a dive! No, not a questionable drinking haunt! Although… but I had this in mind

I need to check on my dough and I know I’ve missed a few names, but hey! this is 2020 and EVERYTHING is up the boohai so I hand over to you to cudgel what wits you may still have.

Savvy hasn’t shown up yet, but when she does, perhaps she’ll like this

If Z pops in, as she might, noww that I’ve re-established things, she might be happy with this

I thought I had time enough to fiddle about in here, but suddenly remembered the laundry!These automatic drying devices are wonderful, but one does still need to toddle downstairs and un-peg things from the lines. Still, the smell of sun-dried sheets is pretty hard to beat!

For those of you who celebrate Hannukah, I saw this and did a big LOL. Off to the laundry lines…

Hanukkah toilet paper 2020 |

Most of you know I have the odd Viking in my family line so here’s a little Sverige tradition. If I’ve missed out someone on the present list, please, get plastered on Glogg and have fun!