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Actually, not really aimlessly.Enjoyably is a better word.

A walk in the sunshine is often a good way to focus crowded thoughts. So that’s what we did the other day.With a camera.Of course.


Seed capsules on a eucalypt.



Acacia holosericea  Velvet leaf wattle. I did have one growing  by the back gate, but, like all its kin, it was short-lived. But I’m clearing a HUGE clump of gingers so maybe I’ll put in another wattle…


This was as close as I dared! That mud is sucking-treacherous and I didn’t feel like getting wet. Mangroves along an inlet, in case you’re wondering.

A tradition has grown up around “lost or forgotten shoes” down at the beach. This “decorated” palm is known as The Thong Tree. (No, Muriel, not that sort of thong.Muriel!!) 





Fishing with his best friend.


Bougainvillea in a beach-side garden.


Pandanus nut. How big? Hmm…not quite as big as an American football or Rugby ball. When ripe, it will be bright orange.


This is just a sample from our meandering.The sun had turned up the thermostat and we wanted coffee so we headed back to the home jungle…IMG_2465.JPG

Yes, somewhere in there is where we live!






Of course, “normal” may be interpreted in several ways…but for my purposes, let’s just say that I am now able to see a blean* at the end of the tunnel.

I tend to be one of those people who, when they see their plate has room for more, pile on more. Sometimes lots more. I’m not talking about the avoirdupois gluttony.No,no,no! The tendency to think I can tackle more than I can in the time I have available.That sort of more. And before I know it, my faint blean has become a ruddy bonfire, the sort that alerted towns miles along the coast that the enemy was in sight.

So, I’m relying on images to fill the space!

Yesterday morning,The Man suggested a walk down to the beach.So I put the little camera in my pocket…


A Cairo vine.I think it’s  pretty, but it’s a frightful pest when it gets away!Here, it’s slugging it out with native mangroves along a drain.



This is Sunset Beach, looking north to  Bucasia. Technically, when the tide is out, you could get across the inlet to Bucasia Beach. A crocodile might fancy you as a snack though…


These caught my eye.They look a little like cashews. But they aren’t.And I still don’t know what they are! Gnomes’ hats, maybe…


Pyrostegia venusta . I’m guessing that, unless people prune it, next year that fence will be entirely draped in glowing orange flowers.



Calliandra Not sure which, but probably C. haematocephala.


When they say “beachfront living” this must be what they mean.Nice, innit?


There is a local Embroidery Guild chapter whose members are very active. Here, we see a representation of a running dog, worked in tiny French Knots. No? How about a representation of a running dog, by Mick Tyris?

the running hound.JPG


“Here be pirates!” Well, a pirate’s hat.


I’ll leave you with the local Surf Life Savers’ clubhouse. If you squint through the trees you can see the Pub With the Million Dollar View, my local watering hole, high on the cliff behind the clubhouse.


Not a bad Sunday morning saunter. Mind you, the smell of sizzling bacon wafting from several places almost undid my resolve!



*  those of you who have read Liff will know.




I’ve always liked walking, whether a gentle stroll in the park or a tough hike in rough country. And, now that the weather is not so blister-hot I can get in a good brisk walk before  I feel the need to retreat.Of course, it probably helps that I’m always up well ahead of the flatulent sparrow!

And the walking here, I have to say, is not too onerous. Some of the beaches require a bit of huff and puff, but we have a lot of level areas.

Yesterday, after dropping The Man at his office, I drove about halfway home and parked the car at The Gooseponds.

I often do a “half walk” here if I have a lot of other work to do.But twice lately I’ve had the time to do the full walk – about 8kms. All paved and level, which means I often meet people with walking canes and mothers pushing baby prams. And hardly anyone fails to return my “good morning.” Joggers, of course, can’t afford to stop and chat, but quite a few people will.

And, of course, there are always the camera buffs. IMG_4842

The odd-looking yellow thing is an exercise machine. Throughout this park are various pieces of machinery for completely bonkers   keen athletes to stretch various muscles. I think it’s just possible that our local Council employs sadists!

We lived in a flat near this park before we bought our present house. Some lucky people have this  over their back fences! If you think you could handle it I know a place for sale…IMG_4836

Buy this house and your view will be…IMG_4837

Council johnnies have been planting new trees, among them, Leichardt Pine



Someone’s garden extends right down to the walkway! Paw-paws (male and female), bananas, lemons and  what look like like dwarf peaches.Even pumpkins and Monstera.I wonder what’s growing up near the house?IMG_4863


I was reasonably confident  of identifying a, but I called  a Council boffin to check.He didn’t know the botanical name, but when I quoted the Aboringinal one, Kurrajong, he agreed!IMG_4876


My blog friend in Norfolk posts some intriguing pictures from his walks.Gloomy-looking ponds, in dark woods, where witches are said to have been drowned in ye olden days. So I thought I’d pop a spooky tree in , just for him…(His blog comes with a content warning so if you’re really curious, ask me in comments for a link.On the other hand, if you have a “thing” for Aidan Turner ain’t no warning gonna hold you back!)


And just so that another friend doesn’t feel too left-out, I have some fruit to remind him of MauiIMG_4871

The sky had darkened by the time I reached the far end and I felt the need to turn on some light…IMG_4855

Now,  I’ve very likely bored you to tears with dreary images and haven’t written what could properly be called a post.You know, one with a lot of words and deep meaning and significant resonance in the current international political theatre… yes, that sort of thing.

Well, to make up for my lack of incisive journalism I’ll leave you with a “what the hell is that!”

Answers in comments. No prizes.IMG_4896