Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to maintain a blog!

But that’s probably a subject for a day when I have more “spare” time! Seriously, I admire the people who have a full-time job, a family, hobbies AND a regularly-maintained blog.

I’ve been racing about all over the place, doing all manner of stuff this week while the sun shone as only a Queensland sun can shine in winter. Ideal for a little solar printing, yes?

Well, guess what? Today it’s drizzling. Bugger! I only need a couple of minutes exposure time. C’mon! Give a girl a chance!

I’m off to the library today to retrieve my books from the display case. Not sure how much (if any!) interest there has been in the collection. Certainly, while I was there and prepared to do a show-and-tell, people just ambled past, barely glancing at the books.

Driving  to work this morning, a cute little MG pulled into the traffic ahead. “Catch up!” I said to my Jarvey as I fished the Powershot from my bag. Hooray for red lights! (oops! that’s left me open to cheeky banter!) I managed one non-blurry shot just as the light went green.

Have I mentioned my fondness for cars like this! 🙂

A little further down the highway we started passing huge power boats, being driven, strangely, away from the sea. I suppose they’ll be on display at the premises of their various corporate sponsors until launch time.

And since The Man’s office is at the Marina and the car park has been cordoned-off, it’s a bit of a route march to get from wherever we can park to the office.

Photo from website of

I’ve changed my header again! Seems I find time to monkey about up there, but not to actually write stuff! The current pic is of the once magnificent Cassia javanica next door. I’m glad I have this photo as a reminder.

Let’s have another mystery picture, shall we? NO?  Did I hear a nay-sayer? My blog, my rules!

What’s this?

Answers on a postcard      in the comments , please.

Off to the purveyor of comestibles now…