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A couple of places I have been recently

winding widdershins…that’s right,these vines all twist in this direction.

the view from my local watering hole…

Yes, I know there has been no post since last month. I have been quite the little beaver. ‘smatter of fact I am thinking of changing my blog’s title since I can not, in all honesty, call myself “idle” these days.
But I’m working on it…
What has kept my nose to the grindstone and my fingers away from the keys? Artwork, of course. I am working on a couple of projects at present and, since I am not a professional, trained artist with unlimited resources,* I just chip away at this when time allows.

I have also spent some extra time at school and, believe me, that can be an exhausting experience!

But, as the Governor of California has been heard to say: I’ll be back!

I can just see some of my professional artist friends rolling in the aisles at that…