So consider yourselves rested!

That foggy-looking stuff in the new header is-fog. Not- many- degrees- above- freezing- fog. See? I keep telling you all it gets damn’ cold here in winter.

Actually, it looks very like the countryside where I grew up. Ah! The memories of scrunching across frosty grass to get to the dairy. Of snuggling against a cow’s flank to get warm.

And that was in the Spring, when milking began again after the winter dry-off. A lot of farmers took up ski-ing as winter was the  only time they could take a holiday!

This is not a New Zealand dairy farm, of course. Nope. It’s a couple of scruffy acres, a few minutes from the ocean in tropical Queensland, still with a few beef cows, but it wont be long before these few acres are sold to extend the new housing estate going in next to this paddock.

I had started writing about loos with views, but was called away and when I returned, this was in my reader. Besides, Ian has clearly sampled more than I have, so pop across and find out.

He also displays art in his loo. So do I. Years ago, a friend was amazed to find an original painting  on the wall of our loo. “Why” she wanted to know. “Why not?” I replied.

Currently, I have a much-admired original coloured drawing hanging just outside the loo in our utility area.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll probably recognise the style. It’s another Andrea Pratt piece. One day, I’d like to see a real loon. But until then, this makes me happy.

I went for a walk along one of the  beaches this morning. Man! It was crowded! The other day, I had an entire beach to myself, but today there were two people walking dogs , one jogger, an old man hobbling barefoot across  the driftwood and shells, PC and WPC Plod (but they stayed in their patrol car!) and one fisherman. As I left someone drove up with a surfboard.

Surfing. Pretty much  a compulsory past-time in a place like this. But not for me! I did try it, years ago, when boards were heavy, wooden things. They hurt, a lot, when they hit you. I didn’t think ribs looking like a xylophone was attractive or comfortable so that was the end of my surfing.

Like mistletoe, isn’t it?

And one more picture, to tease you. Can you guess what it is?

Today’s mystery…