More travelling sketchbook pictures, that is. Form an orderly queue, please…gold coin donations in the jar; all proceeds to a worthy cause*.

Here is Alison’s opening page. Don’t you just love the way the script defines the leaves?

And the page Heather has added; again, with a personal note.

Frankie has “spiced up” her friendship theme in this one!

And now for Heather’s book… this is the front cover.

And the opening spread….

…which, you can see, continues Heather’s thematic workof Aboriginal art.

Leaves, this time, from Frankie…

And now it’s my turn to add to these lovely creations. Ideas bubble up in my head and are pushed aside by other ideas, like the ripples on a pond.

But before I can tackle these books, I have artwork to finish for the exhibition and statements to write. I’m sure there’s something else…oh, yeah! I need to find/create something to wear to opening night. If this cold snap continues the ‘something’ might just be Long Johns and a balaclava. (That’s probably more information than you wanted, right?)

A slightly gruesome footnote: I heard on radio news the other day that someone (a hapless tourist!) had found “human remains” in the local Botanic Garden. Haven’t heard any further details, but I guess I wont go scrambling around there with the Fujica for a while! I wonder what the odds would be on one of those Canadian feet drifting across the Pacific?

I think I need coffee. Or chilli-chocolate. Both? 🙂

But before I head for the percolator let me show you what else arrived in my mail box the other day. All the way from Biarritz, where  my delightful blog friend is holidaying.

Picasso is a favourite of mine! Thankyou so much, J.

*As we’ve been models of exemplary behaviour and have managed NOT to walk through wet ink or shred good paper, we deem the Cats’ Fish ‘n’ Bones Fund a worthy cause.

R, G & S


Some of you may have forgotten.
Others may have thought I’d forgotten.
And that’s understandable because I have been pretty slack.Or otherwise occupied.
Some of you have remembered.And have reminded me!

But for those who had forgotten about the effigy dolls … Cynthia decided to “do something” with a ceramic piece she had made and came up with “Larry,” who absorbs all her negative angst and recharges her positive vibes. Jafabrit made a very sassy cloth doll which serves the same purpose and Heather managed to complete her stunning effort before I’d even got to Bernina shop!

And, somewhere a few posts back, I grovelled for “more time” as my machine was being mended. (I did, in fact, make a small fetish from garden stuff, but it fell apart before I got around to doing the Cecil Beaton thing. Slack, y’see…)

Well, can’t use that lame excuse now so I’m working on my doll. Here it is at the pre-stuffing stage.

Next picture when it’s finished,yes? Although the wicked side of me is tempted to draw chalk lines around it and get some of that “police do not enter” tape!


And because I really must get on with it (and a squillion other tasks!)…here are a couple of art-related links .

And if I had to mark Third Form essays with so many “ands” I’d send them back for re-writes!