Yes, I have been travelling again. And I’ll tell you about some of my travels, beginning with the new header. This is a view, looking west along Asling’s Beach in Eden, NSW.

But before I got to Eden (oh, go and look at a map…) I spent a couple of days in Brisbane with an old friend …

We were neighbours when The Man and I rented  the house next door to her. She was a keen gardener and our many trips to garden centres, garden parties and gardening discussions probably saved my sanity. There were other things…ginger beer, bread-making various kitchen experiments come to mind

Brisbane seems hell-bent on becoming like Los Angeles…traffic is appalling, it’s often smoggy and buildings are getting taller.

But there is a good bus service operating from  (relatively) close to where my friend now lives. So we parked the car, hopped on a bus and went to Brisbane City Centre. First stop was a concert, put on by the Council for old folk. I think they banked on the fact that most old people are deaf! The sound levels were waaay off the scale and the featured singer screeched. We left after a couple of “songs” and wandered off in the direction of Southbank.

And half way down a main street, H. showed me a Thunbergia mysorensis – alongside some delphiniums, which I thought surprising! It’s  native to the tropical parts of India and ought to do well here, but I’ve never seen one  locally. Maybe I should address that …

I cannot seem to get a link to work, but try Google Images

On to Southbank, site of Expo, 1988. Today, a lovely place to wander or cycle or even run, if you’re that way inclined. Huge trees along the river and garden areas with some seating. And it’s the permanent home now of the giant Ferris wheel. Why the numeral 7  in the hub? I’m guessing that Channel 7 tv is a major sponsor.20181009_112745.jpg

We passed an elderly man (Chinese, I think) squatting  beside the river with a fishing pole. No reel, just a fixed line and old, practised hands gently manipulating it. 20181009_113207.jpg

I’ll leave you with one of the popular areas of the old Roma Street  rail yards. A display, beside a pond, of Brugmansias.20181009_132745.jpg

I’ll be back, maybe tomorrow, maybe later, with more “eye candy.” What’s that you say? I haven’t posted anything funny? Oh, alright. Just as a special treat for loyal readers…20181009_123542.jpg

A Clear Midnight

Once again, I am sharing a DIY post, this time from Byopia Press

I know some of you who stumble onto this blog will say “nope!” and move on.But I also know that some of you will make one of these cute little books.


Now, something a little different…the other night I went on a speed dating adventure. Yes! Moi, dipping her toe into that water! Imagine! Of course, knowing very little about this, I had to ask Uncle Google to clue me in…

Apparently, each person gets 10 minutes to ask questions about the “date” and then someone rings a bell and we all move along to the next “date.”

Now, there is no way in the world that you would ever see Dinah chatting-up  six different men, ten minutes at a time.NO WAY! But…turn those six men into artist books and Dinah’s in line.

The local gallery, Artspace, hosts these evenings, giving people a chance to see some of their collection. And, this being the Libris Awards year, the featured books were from the current exhibition. Gallery volunteers took us through each of the six books and, while I was less than impressed with some books, it was a good opportunity to see them “up close and personal.” Good, too, to hear differing opinions and gain new insights. Maybe you’d like a gallery in your town to run a similar evening? They can contact Artspace at the link and find out how.


Things are a little confused and crazy right now…we at Chez Dinahmow have been connected to Broadband, which is tickety-boo on this platform.But we have lost the landline telephone, our only contact with some people, which is making some things awkward.

But La Cave is stocked and we have jelli-meat on the feline shopping list so I guess we’re good.

I suppose you want to see a pitcha? Image result for pitcher

not the pitcha you had in mind? Here’s a pitcher of Sangria.  (found on Google images)

Image result for pitcher of sangria




No, my friends, I don’t mean “black” in funereal sense. Stay with me and I’ll explain.

But first… as you know, I have  claimed the jaded “busy” excuse for  too long. My busy-ness was the making of an edition of artist books and now that I have mailed them to their distant recipients I can get back to more regular posting. Maybe! I’ll be posting  more about the artist book on our group blog ( later today.

So I popped into my little Computer Corner, clicked on my blog and thought: time for a change! Actually, there was a more serious reason for tinkering under the bonnet of this page…I had my eyes examined the other day and, as I had suspected, I do need slightly stronger lenses for close work. Dear god! Our house is already littered with reading glasses, must I add even more! 

The problem (with the blog) is not really the fault of WordPress (or even Blogger, where I still have a presence); it seems that whenever I pop into my Computer Corner and use this computer, my lovely laptop, I’m unable to enlarge the font. So I need coke bottle specs in order to see what I’m typing. Alternatively, I could just type and let you lovely lot to decipher it! 🙂


And now, about today’s title. Black. I suppose  a lot of people tend to think of it as gloomy, but I’ve always thought black rather stylish. One of those wardrobe basics that can be jazzed-up or toned-down accordingly. Not necessarily the preserve of pall bearers. Of course, I am a bit of corvidophile! Hey! If I say that’s a proper word, then it is a proper word. I just googled it..ooh! what a lot of entries!

But I’m getting side-tracked… the other day, I saw a black bird (not a blackbird because we don’t have those here) perched on a chair on the deck. Sort-of magpie size and with the bi-tone bill of a magpie, but ALL BLACK.

WTF? So I grabbed a camera and snapped a few shots, hoping they wouldn’t all be close-ups of fly screen mesh!  Click to enlarge.

I realise it’s one of the most pointless pictures ever to escape deleting, but I was curious, wondering if , perhaps, it was a magpie mutant. Or something. Of course, as soon as I’d got it on the computer screen and enlarged it I could see it was a butcherbird. But BLACK? Huh? I’ve only ever seen the Pied species here, but a little Googling filled the gaps.

If you click the audio link you’ll hear a very brief recording of their fantastic musicality. I’ve hunted around for a link that has a recording of the opening bars of Mozart’s 40th symphony, but no joy. Here’s the music, so if you have a  piano in your pocket…oh! OK, a flute will do… Now, take the tempo up a click or two and that’s what a butcherbird sounds like. Of course, the bird only sings the opening notes…

And don’t think ol’ Butch is our only classicist. Oh, no. The magpie does a very creditable first 4 notes of Beethoven’s 5th. Once again, I can’t seem to find a recording of that.


Finally…about the  new-look blog.  The background image is a photo I took a few weeks ago when The Man and I walked down to the beach. The tide being over in California or somewhere, we wandered through the mangroves and across the flats. The header image is a cropped portion of the same picture. Easy enough to change from time to time so expect “matching titles and images” occasionally!

Off to write that other post…