More storms are forecast. The Wet Season is setting in early this year. Actually…no, it’s not really early. In  times past, this weather and its timing was the norm.

I’ve  had an email from a friend who says she’s just had lunch: cherries, macadamias and a glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc.

Ahh! Summer in The Great South Land…

Because I’m already fed-up with the malarky that comes around every year at this time…I mean, what sort of miserable little toe-rag nicks the batteries out of a twinkly wreath?

Because, while I’d love to believe that we all really DO love each other( yeah, right!)… excuse me, lady, but just how many frozen pizzas do you really need just because they’re only $10 and how many people are you prepared to elbow out of your way?

And because I love a good laugh…I think we’ll have a Catherine Tate repeat reprise. * This is worth it. Even if you don’t live in Cleethorpes. And if you do live in Cleethorpes… perhaps this will help!


Here’s the brilliant Victoria Wood with the also brilliant Julie Walters.

with captions


Now, I’m off to do some clever things with a sharp implement…

That’s industry jargon for same old stuff again.


Being on this side of the IDL means I have to “post early for Christmas.”

Mind you, even that isn’t working out terribly well this year, is it? Our postal people have been on strike. Well, we were told they’d be on strike, but I have had things in my mail box every day this week. Some of them mail!

The 10 hour time difference also means I’ll be starting before you northerners. I’ll also be reaching for the aspirin first!

But, wherever you are and however you celebrate the occasion, I hope you and those you love are safe and happy.

Now, not everyone believes in Santa Claus, but someone has been here and has left a collection of packages! Too lazy to trek all around the world, he (she?) expects me to distribute them.

Guess what, Santa? I’m a tad busy m’self so how about  everyone  collecting their own gifts?  Nicely, now. We don’t want that unseemly January-Sales-type crush…

Chris has had a rough time of it this year, but this might help to get him back in the fast lane.

Of course, a race is only a race when there’s more than one horse. So I’ve got a chariot for his best buddy

The artists among you can trawl through some of the biggest stores on the web. It’s OK – they accept Monopoly money! –  ; )

While she recovers from the horrors of spending time with that “Dreadful Dave,” Ziggi could probably find something for these fellows to do.

Another blogger (who’s been a bit busy lately) might find a use for this

And I’m pretty  sure several of you could think of something to do with the keys.

This would be welcome in more than one place! (not hinting, of course. Of course.)

Perhaps, for those in the Frozen North…

Maybe a little (or a lot!!) of this…

Fancy a night out?

But my personal wishes are for and

and, please, fickle gods of the weather…

especially where things are desperate

Idle Thoughts will be idling over the break , but as time allows, I’ll scoot around and see what everyone’s up to.

Merry Christmas to all and to all – a goodnight!


And if Christmas is not your tradition, enjoy the holiday however you choose.

I hope all my blogging friends (is there a generic term for such folk? If not, let’s invent one. Any bright ideas, Melanie?) have a safe and happy time  over the coming days.

I know some have had recent sadness, some have sad memories and some face daunting challenges in the coming weeks. But  I hope at least some spark from the festivities will put some sparkle where it’s needed.

In the spirit of giving…

A certain broomrider in Wet Wiltshire might like these

And I know someone in Putney who could always find a use for this…

Friends in the Pacific North West (aka the Wet Coast) are bracing for more of the stuff that will make these gifts timely

And at least two of you might be glad of ideas for “eggstra” pre-packed protein parcels.       

These cheery and warm socks are from Siesta Fair Trade; just the thing for any of you in frigid northern climes

But what about my Southern Hemisphere and Caribbean buddies?

Let’s see…how about this?

Or maybe……. one of these.

Of course, the way the weather’s behaving   a raincoat might be the thing.

Alternatively, we could all, separately or collectively, but certainly virtually enjoy some of this. Designed for vegetarians, but yummy, so be quick! 

And the carnivorous can have this

Mud cake….

…  or traditional pudding?

Couldn’t celebrate properly without some bubbles, could we?

In crystal flutes. Of course.

Because I’m a classy lady. Of course. These are from Artedona and they ship to just about everywhere.(I should ask commission!)

I’m sure I could fill everyone’s virtual stocking, but it’s mid 30s Celsius and if I don’t get some water to my herbs they’ll go the way of the tomatoes.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And whatever you do, DON’T go googling for holly pictures if your strait-laced Aunty Ethel is around!