I know we are constantly being warned of children in danger from internet predators and I’m sure there are some nasties lurking just a click away.

But there are lovely people out there, too.

If you read the comments on my previous post you’ll know that this humble lass has been elevated to the nobility. Scots nobility, at that! You can find out why here

While not of Scots blood, I did grow up with quite a few Scottish friends and my father  lived there for several years. So I was used Harry Lauder impersonations and rolling back carpets for eightsome reels was pretty much de rigeur whenever the numbers were sufficient.

Thinking back, it’s over 40 years since I was whirled around by a kilted laddie.

I  c’n rroll my rrs wi’  th’ best o’ them. Paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth at school (I was bored ) earned laughs from the class and a stern rebuke from the teacher. “Ahent! ye big jessie! Gie us the daggers; I’ll do it m’sen!”

So I’m well pleased wi’ ma bonny new title.

And my penchant for language and odd words was met by another blog From here, I clicked to Save The Words and guess what? I’ve adopted two words! Allow me to introduce  succisive, an adjective pertaining to spare time. Now, I may have bitten off more than my dentition can handle  since my adoption papers require me to use my words as often as possible, preferably working them into daily conversations, the idea being that other folk will think “gee! what a good word;I must remember it!” Hmmm…weren’t thinking clearly, were you, Dinah! Succisive time, indeed!

But I should have no trouble introducing homerkin, a noun for a measure of beer into my daily word-nerdiness! “Husband! A homerkin to slake this thirst, if you please!” Yes, I’m well pleased with this cyber-shopping.

If you would like to keep some wonderful old, un-used, out-of-date words alive, make your way over to the “adoption centre” and do your bit for language. (Even if you don’t adopt any, you’ll surely find some you’ve never before heard. And it’s free!)

Not quite so well pleased with my challenging self portrait. Now, I will show you the final print, I promise, but as this is an in-house project you’ll have to wait until all prints have been submitted. And that will be in less than 2 weeks. Eeeek!

But wait! You want more? How about  this:

I challenge any reader, whether a printmaker or not, to cut a self-portrait in lino. Take a photo of your print and post it on your blog and let me know when you do.

You never know, you might have more fun than you think.

As I write this, more pewter clouds are gathering. The cyclone that threatened Cairns a couple of days ago weakened and merely caused widespread flooding. Now, still a rain depression, it’s coming our way. And I heard on radio news a while ago that a 4 metre croc has been sighted in the harbour. Yachties are warned not to clean their boats til the big fella’s been removed. Oh! The fun we have in the tropics!

But getting back to the links and connections and contacts of the blogosphere…

From the talented Jackie Morris (how does she find time for all she does?Oh, that’s right-her cats do most of the blogging!), I followed a link from Wales to Scotland and now I, too, am  making paper boats!

Here’s a prototype. It sank.Very quickly!abandon-shipBut my first efforts were of scrap copy paper  that I fished out of the basket to wipe my brush on. I’m working on something heavier and, hopefully, more seaworthy for my submission. But I think the preservation of the cottage is a worthy idea.

Now…lino is calling. Actually, I think lino is crying. “Please don’t cut me. I’ll be good. I promise!”

And those pewter clouds? Getting bigger and closer…