Well, at least now those  who were disturbed by the over-embiggifications on their side bars when I re-blogged posts can now see /\ up there, the giant Japanese Sunflower. Those who insist on Latin  names  can find it under Tithonia diversifolia.

IMG_0528 (640x480).jpgOr consult your local Weed Police list!

This is supposed to be our dry season, but we’ve been having a few showers.So some of the plants don’t know which page they’re supposed to be on! Here’s a grevillea which wasn’t sure whether to grow or flower or wither away.It rained and the grevillea decided to grow AND flower.


Grevillea, with rain drops.

Something else that has smartened itself up this year is this one. Dependent on long, dark nights, it’s always been somewhat confused, with a street light above it!IMG_0527.JPG

Euphorbia leucocephala. Sometime called snowflake bush. Yes, even by people here!

I have several things grown from cuttings.This one used to be known as a Justicia but seems now to be Odontonema cuspidatum. This one looks pretty much as it should.But it’s one of the plants that is prone to fasciation.IMG_0530

Above, mostly normal.

Below, distinctly weird!

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I’ve had a day of appointments and will you just look at that galloping clock! Good gravy! I’ll miss Happy Hour if I don’t scoot…

I may be back in a day or so with some artists’ books.Maybe…