I started to write that as the post title and I wondered where it had originated. I assumed England, shortly after the introduction of railway travel.But I thought I’d asked that font of knowledge. Yes, that one, up there in the ether. And I find it owes much to American politics.

Actually, I’ve had a gutful of politics from all quarters, but can’t be bothered changing the title completely. Here’s what I gleaned from my dip into the font :

So, it’s a whistle-stop in that I’m just stopping long enough to post something. Mainly because Jane, over at Small But Charming, is holding  another ” flowers in the house ” as a tribute and a gesture of empathy for Bostonians.

I just happened to have some flowers in a vase as part of an observation. I’ve posted elsewhere about the Hibiscus mutabilis, whose blooms change throughout the day from white to pink. I’ve never used them as cut flowers, but on Friday I picked a fresh bloom and brought it indoors to see what it would do. I took pictures over a 12 hour period, beginning at about 7am. No, of course it’s not a precise scientific record!


11am Friday

2pm Friday

4pm friday

after 6pm Friday

It does exactly as it does when on the tree!What I did learn, however, is that unfurled buds do not open in a vase. So, as it’s a multiflora type thing there will be no more indoors. Why sacrifice 5 or 6 buds? I have more flower pictures on Flickr as most blooms wilt too quickly indoors. And I really prefer to leave them in the garden for birds and insects.  and, for anyone confused by its common names, Rose of Sharon and Confederate Ros,here’s a link to the other Rose of Sharon!


…though, mercifully, this stopped after only four hours! I did hobble* up to the back fence to look at the neighbour’s drain; it looks clear. I also picked a few flowering stems that had been snapped by the wind and rain.

So…a bit of lull in blogging.That’s because I still have books to finish and I am still somewhat at the mercy of unreliable deliveries. Supplies, from lavatory paper and dog food to wine and pasta all reach us here in the North, via fleets of trucks, along the great Bruce Highway (and at the very mention of the name I think of Monty Python. Don’t you?).

But that route was been closed due to flood damage far to the south. (image from Gympie Times web page) 

Some supplies are coming through. But not haberdashery supplies. Which means that I must either wait for the thread colour I need…or change my chosen thread. I know. Small potatoes.

But, while I waited for some glue to dry I thought I’d join the floral parade over at Jane’s blog. Not much in my garden is pickable, but today I have some Ixora, Duranta and a ground orchid and some rather battered Angelonia.

Duranta “Geisha Lady”, Angelonia and an almost-spent Spathiglottis.








gratuitous cropped shot



* Hobbled because I have a sore foot. Not quite sure why and as the bills mount I think I’ll just mutter something about the passing years and try not to spend too much time on my feet.



Not good! But if “idling” means the motor is running, that’s better than nothing, right? And I can’t do much until my paper dries.

So…I’m messing about in here. Yes, that is the right verb. A lightbulb blew. Blew right out of the socket. Made a bit of a mess. And I made this…

This is Buggi.

We continue to work on the strip of garden with our like-minded neighbour. I have two Malaysian stool palms in pots and I moved them to the shady area by the fence. Personally, I feel very sorry for the Malaysian!

When I googled to confirm the name (a year ago it was reclassified from Livistona rotundifolia to the Saribus genus.) I found it is called the foot stool plant. Oh.

The nights are still comfortably cool, but the daytime mercury is climbing. The shell gingers are flowering and the torches will not be far behind them. I brought a stem indoors…


…and added some Petrea. Which promptly twisted sideways.

I also brought in a snapped hippeastrum stem . I think two black cats may know something about that! They are five years old today. Seems like yesterday….

I’d like to have flowers indoors more often, but they wilt so quickly in the heat and when the ceiling fans are on things in tall vases are prone to tipping over!

But, since I do have “flowers in the house” today, I thought I’d join Jane’s floral dance.

Now, back to work,woman!