” Confetti With Eagle Feather.”

An installation by Sporran.

This work was completed, entirely by the artist, over several hours. Well, it was not there when I went to bed, but was there when I stumbled out at 6am!

Confetti seems to be Sporran’s pièce de résistance, which could be horribly expensive if she ever gets into the cupboard where I keep my “good” paper!

For the record: no eagles were harmed during this process!


From art to food. And why not?

I think my favourite meals are those leisurely weekend lunches, especially when the weather allows for al fresco. And if at least part of the dish can be fresh-picked from the garden, even better.

Weekdays, I either don’t eat lunch, or just grab an apple. So the shared meals, with conversation, a glass or 3 of wine are a lovely way to relax and remember that life is NOT all about rushing around to timetables.


Anyone out there following weather patterns? If so, you’ve probably noted that some areas of Queensland have been experiencing a nasty cold snap. Yes, even up here, 300kms north of the tropic line! It’s so cold my skin is cracking and I do not relish the idea of messing about with wet paper, cold water and ink, but it must be done, so, til next time…it’s on with the Peruvian woolly hat and an extra sweater. (Yes…I’m a big sook!)