Five years ago, about the time I started this blog, one of the commenters seemed to have the same  (completely bonkers?) sort of view of this world as myself. I thought, vaguely, maybe we’d meet, some day, if the planetary alignments were ever right. A bit like buying lottery tickets…

Anyway,that thing called Life threw all manner of curves our way and the meeting was pushed onto the back burner, along with all the  other metaphors.

Well, guess what? We made it! And, blimey! doesn’t one of us look fantastic!

Yes, she did have to lend me some wellies. Very fetching they were, too. Posh green ones, like what proper country folk wear. None of yer old K-Mart rubbish. Oh, no…

In fact, I’m so fond of those wellies I think I might just go back to Wiltshire and borrow them again.

Off to Fenland today to meet another “blast from  the past.”

I’ll leave you with some  pretty pictures. Though, personally, I think the one above takes some beating.                                         


…somewhat late!

Those of you who have been idling here for long enough might recall that yesterday, October 23, 2006, saw my blog launched, with great fanfare and popping of champagne corks    somewhat tentatively, 5 years ago.

Yes, I have been boring the pants off readers for 5 years! And I did plan to have a small blogiversary give-away for a lucky reader (drawn from names of commenters by a person above any suspicion of cheating. Of course.)

Friends, one or two other things got in the way of that. First, I had some paperwork to tidy-up. And then I was out to lunch, in the nicest possible meaning of the phrase, and my good intentions went pear-shaped.

So…here’s what I’ll do…I’ll let this “lucky draw” run til next Sunday. That will be October 30 on my side of the IDL. But I’ll hold the draw until  the Monday so that all the lovely readers who are a bit behind also have a chance to win.

What’s that? Oh, the thing to be won? Hmmm…let’s see…

“Beyond the Palisades”                                       


Of course, the prints would be shipped unframed, for obvious reasons.

In the 5 years I’ve been blogging I have come to regard many of my readers as friends. I’ve even met some of you! There is, I find, a genuine warmth among bloggers. Well, on the sites I visit, anyway. 🙂

I really did have to think carefully about the “prize.” Not all of my scribblings would have wide appeal so I tried to go “middle of the road.” Which, of course, is a pretty stupid place to put oneself, especially with some of the bloody hoons on our roads! If neither of these pieces is your cup of tea, that’s fine. I shan’t be offended.

But if you fancy hanging one of these on your wall, just leave a comment before  October 30  and I’ll draw 2 names. First name has first pick.

And now, it’s time to don my chef’s hat…


more art from across the ditch…

Can’t find it in the catalogue. (Maybe Carol will know!)

And here’s another James Wright…

This one is “Rogue Red.” And I love it! At $3,500 it’s a tad too much for my budget. Sorry, James!

“Compass.” John Edgar, basalt

I called it (somewhat flippantly!) “Boxer Rebellion.”

In reality, it is a bronze by Charlotte Fisher, titled “Trunk” and if you have $12,500 it could be yours.

“My Creature” by Bronwynne Cornish (a friend of a friend). $2,200

Flanked by a couple of old girls who are weathering the storms of many summers quite well, I think! Thanks to Carol for clicking the shutter.

I’ve said how much I loved some of the sculpture. And there were some paintings I’d enjoy seeing on my wall, too.

Barry Lett’s “Trees” on plywood. $2,200. Not easy to see the grainy texture, but try clicking it. I loved it!

The Man liked some of th e work, but could not understand the intent (or the price!) of others. But, entering into the spirit of things, he created his own installation and called it “Adjustable.” (The driftwood can be turned to present a different figure at varying angles.Very clever.)

But, it must be said, I didn’t like everything. I could not see the point to some of it. Astroturf??? Really?

But it takes all sorts, doesn’t it? Andy Warhol managed to make some money from a soup can. And when the gallery at home bought a Hepworth bronze someone likened it to “a cat’s backside!”

So I’ll leave you with this and let you make up your own minds. The artist is Florian Primbs. Price? Close to $1,000 dollars for some of the work, $1,890 for one “weaving.”

I’ll be interested to see if any comments here echoed some that I heard over there…