It’s been a strange few weeks Chez Dinahmow…  I’m still processing photos and memories from my recent trips. And trying to catch up with all the things I just left un-done.

And then… The Man had a week in Auckland to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday.


I would have liked to be there, too, but we couldn’t get a house/cat sitter.*

And while he was there, all manner of family memorabilia came to the top. There’s nothing like moving house  to have a really productive chucking-out of junk, right? And one of his brothers has done just that.Some old photos made their way into the portmanteau.

From our former home,1989. This flood closed roads for several days, though it doesn’t seem much in this picture. But certainly enough for me to do my Gene Kelly act! (In great big gumboots, yet!)

3-Tamborine  April25 1989

No, he was NOT wearing a wig! Can’t remember the occasion, but possibly a party!

2-Tamborine  late 90s

This I do remember. The year we both notched up the half-century. 

1-Dinah and Peter 1995 Dargaville

And I took this in 1981, a few weeks before we moved to live in Australia. The gate on the left leads to his family farm.That mountain in the background is Titiraupenga

Sandell Road 1981

And back to 2013…Among the many things that need to be done is arranging to have six  trees removed. Do you have any idea how sad that makes me feel? Six trees! All now far too tall for our small garden and two of them a threat to fences. So I’ve had some quotes and the job is slated for October 23. 

Ringing any bells? No? Well, it’s the blogiversary.  Perhaps I could offer some murdered trees…Well, I’d better think of something, hadn’t I?

Here’s a picture of the one I think I’ll miss the most. A lovely Casuarina. I’m going to miss the sound of soughing. And the opportunity to use the word “sough.”


* Geiger was diagnosed with diabetes while I was in Europe, so we didn’t want to put them in a cattery and our neighbour who usually feeds them was away. The cats have something to say about it, of course!


Hmmm, that sounds like a שיקסע New Year greeting. I guess, technically, it is! I am a Shiksa.

Whichever calendar or faith you follow, I do wish you all a year of good health, happiness and artistic creativity. A little profit wouldn’t go amiss!

Things have been  a little quiet around here, workwise. But tomorrow, The Man will be back in harness, I’ll be  “home alone” and stalled work will be finished and new work begun.

So have a look now at my relatively tidy writing corner.* It wont last!

my working corner

Jackie Morris is inviting (daring?) people to share the messiness or otherwise of their desks. Apparently, her two new kittens had the idea for “International Desk Day.” You can see the progress here http://www.jackiemorris.co.uk/blog/?p=2416 And while you’re there, go back a few posts and share Jackie’s delight in her new loves. Yes, you’ll also see Elmo, of the Ginger Darlings and Max, long-time artist’s model.

We did manage to get quite a lot of yard work done. It was exhausting and we frequently ended our days in great need of “fizzyotherapy.” That’s my newly-coined term for Prosecco.** After a few hours of pruning, chopping, digging and planting, it was sheer bliss to sit, showered and slightly-less-stiff, with a glass of bubbles. Therapy indeed.

And that’s it for now! I might have some garden pictures or other work-in-progress in a day or so. I might not!

But I’ll be wandering around  the blogs, trying to keep up with all you scallywags…



* I really ought to mend that poor old Oxford!

** It works for any beverage that has those nose-tickling bubbles.