Dashing in to the office before I have to dash off to The Big City. But I shall need a fortifying breakfast first…my car goes in for service (and, actually, that sort-of bothers me as it’s a new car. What can possibly need “servicing”?) and I’ll have an entire morning fill.

While I was tinkering over at the Dark Side, Jon remarked that it was a bit like watching “Tomorrow’s World” with all sorts of experiments taking place.Live.Before the very eyes. Hmm…

Back after lunch m’dears.

Well, that was a harrowing morning! Competing radios, blasting from, it seemed, every shop doorway. I sat in the library, reading for a while until a very noisy dispute broke out in the creche area.Little kids could shatter glass.

But my car was ready to go by the time I walked back down the street and the harrowing morning is behind me.

One of the (many)  jasmines, a Trachelospermum jasminoides, scrambling up a tamarind tree. And if you look closely you can see a thick stem just behind the flower. That’s a vanilla orchid, also racing up the tamarind’s trunk.

One of many flower buds on a Syzygium wilsonii. I stopped counting after twenty-something!

And some cheerful sunflowers I bought when I collected Sporran from the vet where she’d been for some dental work.

That’s enough for now…domestic duties beckon.

So…a little more tinkering and tweaking and I think we can call it done.

But I should back-track a little…I have also tinkered with some photos .

My friends’ Eden garden.

Dendrobium speciosum
Here’s a link, should you live in a suitable climate
A pretty little grouping of soft pinks on the front terrace.Perfect for that early morning cuppa.

Castanespermum australe.  This is down near our beach and is what my “bean trees” would grow to if I let them!

Acacia holocericea spent seed pods. Known as Velvet Wattle for its very soft leaves.

And we had a visitor! A niece was over from NZ for a conference in Sydney and she spent a few days with us. We took her out and about, walked along the beach, paddled in the sparkling water. And decided a swim would be just the ticket! So good, we did it again the next day!

That pesky cyclone that was hanging around finally went out to sea after making a bit of a mess up north. No serious damage here and most of us were very happy with the rain!

My sweet little Pigeon* orchid, Dendrobium crumenatum,  was, perhaps, the happiest- it produced 7 sprays of flowers! True, they do not last long, but they are so delicate.

*And I’ve been calling it a “dove” which is the common name of a different one, a Peristeria. Mine is the “pigeon.”

Well, folks, in my world breakfast beckons. And I have a busy day ahead…

WHAT IS IT? Alcedo pusilla

The clock’s on steroids again!

But I’ve managed to find a ” little bit of spare ” and I have another quiz for you. No cryptic clues this time. What is this?

I’ll give you…a week? Yes, answer next Saturday. MONDAY UPDATE. Well, silly Dinah didn’t clear the label, did she! And clever Miss Scarlet and Christopher and Celia knew how to sort-of cheat. Only a little bit.  the link has  a little more information. The bird in my photo(yes, Celia, in my hand) had flown into the house and was sitting on a window ledge. Since we have louvres and screen there was no way it could get out, but I managed to drop a napkin over it and pick it up. No harm done and it flew away none the worse for wear.Just as well the Little Black Devils were not around! 

Don’t s’pose anyone’d like to take a guess at the Emmeline reference? A sort of two-for-one quiz. Go on, waste a few minutes!

It’s raining! And most welcome it is, too. Still chilly, but soon well go straight from winter, whammo! into summer. I miss the “proper” Springs of the Old World.

The rain is doing wonders for the terribly neglected garden. There are several  many things that need to be lifted, pruned, repotted, dumped…my excuse is that they must wait until I’ve finished my current art projects, as my hands, like Emmeline’s, must be ” purfickly clean.”

But I was happy to see buds on one of the orchids

I think this is a yellow one.

And...drum roll …I have two “back from the dead” darlings! My rose “Apricot Nectar” was all but gone…sniff,sniff and I decided I’d try lifting it this winter and putting it into a big pot. Even bought some “proper” rose potting mix. Just didn’t get around to it, did I? And then I noticed the tiniest green shoot, low down on the stem. Very low. Oh dear! Had it reverted to root stock? Only one way to be sure – let it grow and see if it flowers. And it did!

I’m so happy. And yes, it will still be lifted and grown in a shrub tub. It may be a valiant little thing, but I’m not taking any more chances!

And my other Great Revival Story is a yellow justicia.

It doesn’t look very spectacular here, but it’s been in a frightful sulk and I was about to consign it to the compost. I think it would be happier and certainly a better performer in  really good soil. Perhaps this, too, will “go to pot.”

And, for once, I remembered to take a photo before they were added to the salad…

Heartsease, Johnny-Jump-Ups, call them by any name, they look beautiful, scattered on fresh greens!

Now I’m hungry!


And does it really matter…?

There, that’s a philosophical poser for you. Why? you ask. Well, I am (once again!) somewhat distracted by other things and when too many pots boil over at once blogging is the first thing to be bumped down the list.

No, that’s not really true, is it? I think the dust bunnies are first to be relegated…

Of course, if I sit here all day pontificating (does the Pope pontificate?) and arguing the merits, or otherwise, of daily blog posts the entire metaphoric pot collection will burn dry.

So, since you all said such encouraging things about my scribbles, here are a few more. That’ll teach you not to be so cheeky, Ziggi! 😉

Yesterday morning was…interesting. Not necessarily fruitful, in terms of artistic achievement, but I did learn something.

It was supposed to be an exercise in basic shapes, pushed and pulled out of the norm. Picasso and the Cubists were supposed to be riding on our shoulders. I think the beggars had swanned off and were sampling the local brew in some dim bodega!

teapot practice 1

We practised on some lovely work by a local artisan, Arthur Rosser.

Readers who wander through here regularly will, I’m sure, also wander through Andrea’s blog But if you’re new to “Idle Thoughts” do take a day or so to have a look at her work.

teapot practice 4

And then, tiring of my boring black-line teapots (I was getting a headache, folks!)…

teapot practice 3I threw some colour around. Probably still not recognisably Rosser, but it was fun. I think.

‘nother hat now…

I saw the buds the other day and said to myself: “Self, keep an eye on those.” Then forgot!

But this morning… the buds have opened and it was the perfume that made me look up.


Eucharis amazonica (syn. E. x grandiflora) Daffodil-ish in appearance,though with broad, hosta-like leaves, icy white with a green tinge in the centre and the scent of citrus-spice. Hey! I’m goood– I could write advertising fibs. Oh, wait – I did.

eucharis 3

Mine are in pots, but down near the beach a gardener has masses of them along the driveway, amongst ferns and orchids. Probably naturalised.

And what did I learn from yesterday’s exercise? That angularity is not me! I think I’m hard-wired to scribble and fling loose lines about.

Back soon. Maybe…


Lest any kind folk think I have no vices ( or less kind folk think I’m lacking in virtues 😉 ), let me state that I, being a Libran,* have one of each.

And in combination these make me an incredibly frustrating person to work with at times!

So what are these traits that I can discard any and all other characteristics so nonchalantly?

Procrastination and impatience. Yes, together.

Take this blog, for example…I felt I should write something fresh, but I can’t really sit at the keyboard for long so I kept telling myself “later” and “tomorrow” and “perhaps after dinner” and on and on.Putting off the moment, see.

But the hasty side of me wanted it done and dusted (did I just say the D word!) and so, here I am, at the keyboard. But not writing a pithy or witty post. Just grabbing a couple of photos, which are probably the blogging equivalent of a sop, a dummie for a crotchety baby. Too bad! It’s what you’re getting today, because I’m impatient to get to the pool!

2009_0122gardenhome0004Rainbow lorikeet feeding on Brassaia actinophylla. So far, no more than 2 birds, but when word gets out there will be dozens of them.

ylangylang-in-rainCananga odorata (ylang ylang) in rain. I know I say harsh things about the appearance of this tree and, certainly, I’d never again plant one above a stairway, but now that it’s finally flowering so well…even the dried-up fallen petals are fragrant. Maybe I should add some to the pot-pourri? Oh, wait! I’m a procrastinator!

2005_1001brasnudes0009It’s been sitting in the carport in this crippled state for so long…

steady-as-she-goesWe were all impatient to get the wheels on and roll it out onto the driveway.Geiger had the con. “Left hand down a bit!”

2005_0220mustang0003Eventually, all these shiny new parts will be in their allotted places…

And so, while The Man continues with his project, I return to my self portrait challenge.  Can’t procrastinate any longer! But I still want to swim first! Just a quick few laps.

* When it suits me, I can be a well-balanced Libran. I’m on the cusp, y’see. But I can also (mostly!) be a feisty Scorpio.


And for a self-confessed bumblefoot, this takes some doing!

I have not (yet) closed the Blogger site, but from today, you’ll find me over here.

WHY? Well, for one thing, I can do certain things that don’t require a working knowledge of html code and other confusing, scary, geeky stuff. This means that, once I’ve become used to my new site, I will (should!) be able to get posts out more quickly. And you’ve heard me often enough banging on about time not being on my side!

So I’ll leave you now with a closer look at the Bauhinia purpurea and, if you’re very good lucky, I’ll have more goodies next time. (I also have a not-very-well cat to see to. Again!)

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