a lonely little petunia…

…not in the onion patch. It was adding a glorious “pop” of colour to some herbs. Apparently, possums like petunias…

I despair! The furry fiends have decimated my Rumex and we have what’s known as The Parsley Routine, which involves clearing the buckets and clothes basket from the laundry bench each evening and bring in the pots of parsley. And, of course, taking them out in the morning.

But, moving on…while trying to find an easier method of getting pictures bigger than a postage stamp onto the blog I came across an oldie of the hoya. These beauties will not (or at least rarely) flower unless their roots are confined. So I left mine in its dinky little pot…and it died. That’s when I discovered that ants had invaded and the poor hoya was running on empty as the little sods had got rid of the compost!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hoya-copy.jpg


But that’s pfft in the bigger scheme of things. Like Covid. You will, I’m sure, have heard/read/seen the news that Brisbane, Capital city of the State of Queensland, along with several surrounding communities, is in lockdown.

Now, here’s the thing. Settle down, you wastrels at the back! This is important! No, Muriel, not now. Muriel! Just go to your room and I’ll explain it all later…yes, you can have “special” tea.

Where was I? Oh, yes, lockdown. If you have Google Earth (and if it’s working. Mine was not working at 5am, but I think the elves have fixed it.) you can see that Mackay, where I live, is considerably further than “up the road” from Brisbane.

So can anyone explain why, when I went to my local shops this morning, I was THE ONLY PERSON not wearing a face mask? (We wont count the fellow whose mask was doing a grand job of protecting his chinny-whiskers, but bugger-all for the rest of us!)

At the first supermarket a hand-written sign ( definitely not written by the lovely https://wonky-words.com/blog/) informed me that they were “out of facemarks”).

Next store, they “didn’t think they sold them.”

The only pharmacy had a hand-written sign advising “out of stock. “

On a whim, I popped into one of those cheap ‘n’ cheerful discount stores where a helpful woman told me they’d sold out, but were hoping to get more that afternoon.

There are now who knows how many people going hither and yon, possibly carrying the highly infectious UK strain. Plus another mutation of said strain.

One of the chaps, who’d been to Byron Bay (again, check your distances from Mackay), is a “tradesman” who also works as an “entertainer.” I suppose he does strippergrams for hen parties…he’s a tradie, after all…

Poly 1L Polystrippa Paint Stripper

Blustery showers and the possibility of Big Rain so I’m off to the shops…


Well, not on my person, you understand. At least, not now that I’ve washed them off. But the little blighters (polite term) have been sucking the sap out of  several plants. And the ants (no polite term for these bastards!) are husbanding them. I tried the soapy water trick and got nowhere ( mind you, the leaves were nice and clean!) so this morning I said some “magic words” and drenched  said bastards with white oil. Just hope Mr. Murphy’s  famous law doesn’t apply!

Anyway, what with messing about in the garden and one thing and another…I didn’t get around to posting the mystery  picture result.

It’s that strip of dots on the edge of my windscreen; something to do with the lamination process, I think.

Not mystery pictures this time, just a couple of gratuitous flower photos…

A hoya. No, I have no idea of its name. But I’m rather chuffed at having flowers as something usually chews through the buds before I even get to see what colour it will be. Now I know. Want to see more? Enter hoya in Google Images.

I’ve mentioned stinkhorns before. A bumper crop came up recently after the heavy rain. Mercifully, the sun came out and burned them before things got too smelly.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phallaceae   Lacy and not unattractive to look at. But perhaps not what you really want below the dining room window! The first time I saw one (not the variety above) I thought something had decapitated one of my roosters!

I spent ages the other day, scrambling through the garden, trying to get a good photo of what I thought was either a phaesant coucal or a juvenile female koel.

Yes, a quite lovely shot of carallia and terminalia leaves! Ooh!look! there’s a koel up there! Many people go bonkers at the koels’ calling all night. Personally, I’d far rather hear the koel than the little yapster that goes off his (very tiny) brain when the telephone rings!

And since I’ve also mentioned the coucal, here’s Chapman’s recording of one. http://www.graemechapman.com.au/cgi-bin/viewphotos.php?c=78


I think it’s time for some lunch…