Or a raspberry for Blogger?

First up, I know Blogger is the most widely-used platform. I used to use Blogger. And you all know why I went to WordPress!

Since Saturday (this is now Monday down here), I’ve had trouble commenting on Blogger sites. Those with comment moderation and those not allowing anonymous comments seem to be OK.

What I’d like you lovely people to tell me is: have any of you had similar problems?

Kaz, for instance had about 40 comments by the time her blog came up in my reader so, clearly, people are not having any bother over there, but she might be wondering why I haven’t weighed-in with some pithy remark about giant fruit or helmet hair.

And this is what I got over at  http://chiaroscurochiaroscuro.blogspot.com/

The webpage at https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=23123441341079609&postID=5510601300010868367&isPopup=truemight be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Well, maybe someone else will report problems…


Meanwhile…last week (after carefully avoiding all reviews!) I went to see “Invictus.”

Loved it! Well, I may have a slight bias, having grown up with the code 😉

But the game aside, I wanted to see how Clint Eastwood handled the political and emotional angle.

Apart from the fact that the encouraging writing Mandela gave to Pienaar was not Henley’s poem of the title (it was from a Roosevelt speech), the film held my interest right through.

Even knowing the outcome didn’t detract from my enjoyment. Sure, Morgan Freeman looks and sounds pretty much like Morgan Freeman, but can anyone come close to Mandela?

I’ve heard some South Africans complain that Matt Damon “couldn’t do the accent, man!” His first few lines were, perhaps, somewhere between Capetown and Perth, but with so many South Africans in this film either Mr. Damon picked it up or I no longer noticed.

And the on-field details? Lots of close-up scrum shots, good behind the posts clips and enough open running to be convincing.  And I daresay having Chester Williams as a coach/advisor helped!

I watched the game on television and am not ashamed to say I was cheering the ‘Boks. After so long in that hateful racist wilderness, I, along with Nelson Mandela, saw the World Cup victory as a chance to unify the country.

And now South Africa will host the World Cup in that other code.

I still hope kicking a silly leather ball can provide some national glue!