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I’ve thought and reflected quite a bit since my first wander through this exhibition. And I’ve contacted two of the artists whose work, in particular, gave me pause for thought. Thank you, Glenda Orr and Emma Lindsay for your permission. So far, I have not found a website for Liz Mahood or been able to contact her, but here is a link to  Liz’s work for this exhibition and a link to the Gallery 

There are, of course, other pieces in this grouping that I can’t show you here;they involve complex audio accompaniment. But here is one view of “Coalface” which, to me, was really scary.Not only the mining of the “black gold” but its shipping, so fraught with danger! IMG_4659

But,as when I look,really look, at another person’s impression of things my neurons fire. I do need to get back to ink!


In a display case “A Cabinet For Curiosities” is a key to some of the artifacts and techniques used. Of interest to me was Glenda Orr’s accidental use in photography of the small magnifying lenses she uses when etching. I also have one such loupe and am now moved to keep it with my camera, rather than the ‘phone book.(why are ‘phone books in such impossibly small fonts!Maybe it’s just the old eyes…) 



And Orr has used sap, sometimes diluted, in her gridded paintings “Sky Map.”


She shows her test strip here:




Liz Mahood’s piece looks far less innocuous when seen alongside her poem/statement.



And Emma Lindsay’s plea for the Black-throated Finch is dark and stark.



Time doesn’t allow me to post more, but if any Australians have this travelling exhibition coming to a gallery near you…it’s well worth seeing.






Hello! Yes, it’s moi, returned from the wilderness of cyberpurgatory. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “boneyard” since great swathes of my toy’s hard drive were cluttered up with useless, dead or not -activated  programmes. All swept clean now.And if it knows what’s good for it it will not get in a mess again.

So, once back in harness (keep that word in mind) I had some messages in a queue… among them was this

Of course the wonderful Mr Hoffnung sprang to mind.And if I don’t keep a tight rein I’ll be wandering down that lane all day.

There was/is a lovely art exhibition touring and I was pleased to see it.Twice! Various artists have produced works influenced by past and proposed coal mines in a particular area of Queensland. Here is a link to Bimblebox, a nature reserve that is under dire threat by proposed mining leases.  and a map, just in case your geography is sketchy!IMG_4671

My last post (No, Muriel, you needn’t blow the bugle.Different sort of pos-put that bugle away! NURSE!) …my previous post slid in under your radar, didn’t it? I thought someone might pick up on the oblique reference.Maybe my readers are not Psalm readers?

Dashing away again, I’m afraid. But I’ll leave you with another  Hoffnung classic.You’re welcome.