Why? Because I’ve made contact after a long, long hiatus, with some old friends. And because I can!

Funny, sometimes, how one name or sound can conjure another and your past suddenly spills into the here and now.

I heard a young kid scraping a violin at the mall. A notice propped up on his fiddle case read: foR music lesSon. (I was tempted to toss in an extra coin for signage!)

But my mind had one of those dazzling flash-backs and I was sitting in an art class with the new art teacher. He also played violin and, I think as an ice-breaker, had brought his instrument to class.

He played a few notes then passed the violin to the nearest girl. “Have a try,” he invited. She scraped the bow across the strings. Yep, that’s the sound you’re all thinking! The violin went around the class and no one mentioned Jim.

My turn. More finger nails on a blackboard. I passed it to Jim and whispered “Play ‘Cindy.’ ”

He adjusted the strings, drew the bow across (for effect) and launched into a current hit tune. We all sang. Not sure that there was any drawing done that day…

And the song? Well, it was quite a hit for Eddie Fisher and it survives on Youtube.


For an embarrassingly long time I drove past these, thinking they were propellers. Ignoramus! They are, in fact, giant-sized “fish bones.”

By Fiona Foley, who also created the  Pod (below) further along the Trail.

Mangrove Pod, Mackay Bluewater Quay, Fiona Foley

Image from here Have I mentioned before that I love public art?

We haven’t had a “mystery pic” for a while, have we? Let’s see what’s in the junk folder that I can tease you with…

OK…you know the drill. Tell us in comments what you think it is. I’ll let this run til Monday.

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