But let’s not get too excited…it’s stopped!

All the same, I’m happy as I had a few plants beginning to struggle. Hell! I was struggling, but today has been off-on showery and the thermometer (which I have not yet found!) has slid down to somewhere in the ahhh-bliss! range.

But I put on my Big Girl Kni__Muriel! sunscreen and hat and set off, with a camera, into the bush across the road. There are several Eucalypts absolutely loaded with buds and I’m hoping for something spectacular when we get decent rain.

And many of the street plantings (by the City Council) feature Golden Penda Xanthostemon chrysanthos . Many happy birds!

Growing on my neighbour’s Bottle Brush is one of the native mistletoes. Pretty sure this one is Dendrophthoe glabrescens

I wasn’t brave enough to venture down into the gully (I think it’s there to carry storm water away) as it’s a good 6 or7 metres (20′) down a steep bank. I was alone and knew The Man would not hear me yell for help. And there might have been Triffids…

And I don’t know how deep that is! Sufficient for thousands of mozzies to breed!

And that will have to do for now, my lovelies. Time to put on my apron and chef’s hat and get some dinner sorted.

I will try to pop in again before too long and, I hope, have something worth “Show and Tell.”