I’m not sure who said “nature abhors a vacuum.” But, that being the case, I must be a natural housekeeper because I, too, abhor a vacuum (cleaner).*

I probably should have been applying myself to the elimination of dust bunnies.Or even tackling the gargantuan task of pruning… the driveway overgrowth is so rampant that, if we forget to retract the car’s aerial, we risk having it wrenched off!

Yes, somewhere behind this verdant paradise is a house…

But I have been busy a-doing of other things.

The Water Rat may have thought there was nothing half so much fun as simply messing about in boats. And, on most days, I’d probably agree with him. On most days…

On other days, however, messing about in ink is a much more attractive proposition. So I abandoned domestic chores, donned my inky apron and got gloriously grubby in the studio of a friend.

A friend taking a trial print off the press.

Sometimes, I work alone in the print room while others are drawing or carving blocks in the adjacent room. A radio plays in the background, birds squabble and sing in the garden, Tammy, the resident Pomeranian, trots in and out, hopeful of snacks. (No chance, Tam!)
The inking bench.

Yes, printmaking is a messy and sometimes “disastrous” business. But then there the “wow” moments when you lift the press blankets to reveal…

…a successful print. Yes, on those days there is nothing half so much fun as simply messing about in ink.
*I should be punished for that!